A Day in The Life of an Imperial Concubine


We know what a day in the life of an Ancient Chinese Emperor is like, but what about the ladies of his Imperial Harem? Each Chinese Emperor had an Empress followed by many concubines, each having titles and rankings. Here’s a look into the lives of Ancient Chinese Royal Concubines.


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  1. 3:25 am sure I have heard all those names in Chinese dramas. I started to lose count. The empress being on top and others being other wives/concubines and left it at that.

  2. i don't know , between a life of high ranking concubine of the emperor and a buddhist nun, i'd settle for being a buddhist nun in a heart beat.

  3. Very good presentations so far. Now, you are requested to make follow ups about how far oracle bone script decipherment has been progressed after the prize is set $15,000 Per Character by the Museum.

  4. Women Today: "UGHHHHHHHH my boyfriend made eye-contact with another girl! I feel so depressed!
    Qing Consorts: …

  5. Thank you so much for all of the great info! Doing some research on the Tang Dynasty women, so this is helpful to get a glimpse into what life might have been, even though it was over a thousand years earlier. Going to have to take some writer's liberty in putting some of this together. You made it really enjoyable!

  6. I like Princess Weiyoung twice I learnt so much about etiquette and protocol in royal and aristocracy of ancient china.

  7. It was better for the harem women of the Ottoman Empire. Only a few women were chosen to be Royal Mothers. The rest were trained in various skills of the Kitchen,the Royal Nursery, Household Management and Instructing the Royal Children. Of course, these skills were based on the woman's own talents, that the Mother of the Sultan and her assistants contrused from talking to the women. The Royal Mothers received a very intensive education, history, accounting, politics, languages, government and estate management to just name a few things that the Mothers learned. It was the main duty of the Royal Mothers to take care of and maintain her son's inheritance and to later act as his advisor on matters involving politics and government when the Prince was grown. The way of life of the Chinese harem women would've horrified the women of the Sultan.

  8. "BUT BUT- people only lived to be like 60 in the middle ages!"
    Yeah, maybe if you were unfortunate enough to live in europe lol

  9. Ive learned a bit about elite women in these times and I couldnt have done it. Stuck home writing and just having men assume all I wanted was sweet foods and clothes. And ofcourse being forced into a harem becuase my family wanted connections and honor.

  10. Manchurians ruling China is like when poor people suddenly become rich and move in next door to a family that's been rich for generations. They take wear gaudy and ostentatious clothes and jewelry, and try really hard to do what they think rich people should do.

  11. I’m here after watching .. the story of yaxin palace..it’s like it was planned🤔. By the way … it was a good show 😃

  12. They lived until their 90s????!! Damn, compare that to their European counterparts whose average lifespan was in their 40s. Wow.

  13. Kenapa muka permaisuri wanrong mirip dengan aku yah?? Kalau kalian penasaran, aku kirim fotoku yg dulu.. Aku liat foto kecil diajuga mirip aku, aku jadk bingung??


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