A New CIB Game Boy Game?! More Unboxed


Also, don’t forget to NOT touch your face like we do in the whole video.

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  1. Glad you like it , the boxes were put in for 'packing'. the note was made with print shop from the 80's 8-bit computers

  2. ok, the only thing i think about when i see peeps is how long and how high should i microwave those things

  3. Dude, that Gradius shirt is so cool it damn near brings tears to my eyes. It's EXACTLY what I would have dreamed of when I was a kid.

  4. Nice! I really like Tobu Tobu Girl, but I'm not any good at it. I have the original release in physical, so I didn't spring for the Deluxe version, but it looks like the newer carts are better made :-/

  5. ahh Daddy and his girls having fun, puts a smile on our faces in crazy times. Loves to the Riggs, in view and mum and son behind the scenes <3

  6. Is it my imagination or the video (visual) quality seems lower than usual?
    Regardless, good video as always.
    Looking forward to a video of that game.

  7. If the big guy wrote an eBook on Cereal or video games I would immediately buy it to pass the time during the Corona Virus.

  8. I see your kids are starting to go squirrely. John you're doing a wonderful job of raising them kids. They know how to disgust everybody, lol. Peeps sounds like an awesome idea for a cereal. John if you want any old school anime recommendations for your girls just let me know. I hope the easter bunny treats you well for your birthday.

  9. Yea I’ve suspended all my buy and sells but ppl are still mail ordering buying and selling locally, like they don’t care

  10. So cool man. As a huge die hard wrestling fan for the last thirty-five years is it hard to make that AEW jacket? That's so cool to see. Stay safe and I look forward to anymore content you produce.

  11. Rhode Island isn't equipped either, but they were like "whatever, let's try it with various Google Docs." Hacked together and it works.

  12. Day 10 under quarantine: Kids now have no joints due to cracking everything.

    "Why are we like this?". I've asked myself the same question.


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