Aberford – Basic Combat and Movement


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We’re making a game about zombies and 1950’s housewives.

Just a quick video to show off some of what we’ve been working on with movement and combat. This is still very early alpha with placeholder art, but we are excited to show you all a little bit more.

Sketchy Panda Games is a small indie studio intent on bringing you the best story driven, fun to play indie games out there.

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  1. people already giving this game shit when this is just an early demo, calm the fuck down for a second. Plus what's wrong with using a frying pan as weapon? It wasn't a big deal in tangled lmao. This game looks bad ass and funny i need a game like this in my life…too bad it won't be finished

  2. She..She stabs with the pan. She stabs with the fucking pan. You put all that effort into the skirt, but not in making sure she uses the right attack animations?

    Fuck this shit, I'm going back to Undertale and Huniepop.

  3. an example that should be followed by all game devs,more diversity should be pushed,gameplay is just something used to restrict creativity and enforce patriachal power domination

  4. Jesus this looks like a Gamecube game. For one, the movements look choppy. I think they need more fluidity between the actions, and are those stock unity assets?

  5. Looks like some nifty cloth animations, too bad the target audience for this game doesn't actually like to play games, they're just a way too push social narratives for them.

  6. That movement is incredible! Looks so natural! Took me completely off guard given the pre-animated attack sequences, but DAMN!

  7. The thing I'm most excited about is the fact the the dress swishes around so fabulously when she swings her frying pan!

  8. Golly, this just looks so amazing! There are some physics issues, but of course this is just an early demo. I just can't wait to see how this game progresses in its production!


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