Animorphs by Keizaron in 44:43 – Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 – Part 101


This is a speedrun of Animorphs by Keizaron from Awesome Games Done Quick 2016. The run starts at 4:42.

AGDQ2016 raised over $1,200,000 for Prevent Cancer Foundation, and is just one of the many charity marathons from Games Done Quick.

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  1. This was a turkish delight. Do it again next year I wanna see more of this weird-ass game.

    I devoured the entire Animorphs series as a kid and a single hork-bjar would wipe the floor with any of these kids one-on-one. Kind of wild they made those the leafer of this game and not like, a human controller or a taxxon.

  2. I just recently started watching GDQ runs and I can't stop fucking laughing. This is amazing, the fact it only has 80k views is criminal.

  3. Sometimes I watch a game here that I haven't played, and I think, "Well what's going on? Why is any of this a thing?" The battle text in this game makes that feeling stronger than ever.


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