Apparatus Android Game Trailer


Gameplay trailer for Apparatus, available now on Android phones and tablets.


Apparatus is a physics-based puzzle game where you use a hammer to build small mechanical structures that helps guide a marble to the goal. Build vehicles, mini-games or just a Rube Goldberg machine. Upload your levels to the community section, check out other users’ creations.

Visit to see what other people have created!

Check out Android Police’s review:

Full version:

Lite version:


Music by Daniel Hjerth:


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  1. Great video! Liked 🙂 Look at my video! I make gameplay videos, tutorials, playthroughs, Lets Plays, and so much more!

  2. Nice game, but it's 2d)
    Watch this one. It's even better
    It's 3d first person indie-horror)) with nice graphics) try it) it's very funny to joke with friends, cuz some places are really frightening )

  3. id be using CM for android if the levels weren't totally shit they should have at least taken in the old levels

  4. I have Samsung Galaxy Mini, I`ve got the same information, but when i tried to download from another site it worked perfectly 😛

  5. bring this to the apple app store. i have this on my android and i love it. i need it on my ipad for an even better experience!

  6. This game is fucking fantastic. Its extremely hard at first so don't get it if you aren't up for a real challenge

  7. @salescounter, I dont have a credit card, but want apps so im not cheating devs out of money ,i would pay foe apps gladly but I cant so dont think we are all cheating theives!!

  8. Fun game, but in the community section there is a group of punks who votes EVERYBODY's inventions down with a "1" score, so as to keep their friend's retarded frog toy in first place. Several astoundingly clever creations have been pushed into obscurity because the author of the software won't do anything to fix this broken voting system.
    I don't even bother to play any more – what's the point? You won't get any recognition because of those little childish pricks.


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