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​​​For younger kids, the Appletters game is perfect for early letter recognition, early reading and putting words together. If you like this Appletters game, you should check out the other two games in the series, Bananagrams – ‘The Unpeeling’

and Pairs in Pears, also from the Bananagrams family of games:

APPLETTERS is the addictive game for early readers where players work together to build a “word worm” by adding letters to the head or tail in a race to use all of their tiles. If you’re hungry for more fun, you can take a bite out of the three extra challenge games. Parents and educators agree – APPLETTERS helps to develop skills, enhance strategic thinking, encourage cooperation, promote turn-taking, and improve concentration. Make APPLETTERS the core of your game night fun!

The game has won a number of awards including:
– Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Best Toy Award – Gold Seal
– The Toy Man Award of Excellence
– The Toy Man eChoice Award
– Parents Choice Foundation Recommended
– Tillywig Toy Awards Top Fun Award


The goal of the game is to get rid of all your tiles. As an option to make things easier for younger players, you can remove the letters Q, Z, and X from the game.

All 110 tiles are placed face down on the table. These tiles are called the CORE (like an apple!) Each player takes a letter from the core to decide who goes first. Lowest letter starts. (“A” would be the lowest.)

Each player takes eight more tiles. Everyone should have nine tiles now. Make sure nobody else can see you letters!

The first player makes a word in the middle of the table.

The next player (moving clockwise) adds to the first or last letter of the word that’s been laid down.

IMPORTANT: The first or last letter of the new word must attach to the first or last letter of the snake. Furthermore, to prevent gridlock, the snake must remain one tile wide.

The words can be horizontal or vertical, reading from top to bottom or from left to right.If a player cannot make a word, he/she has to take 3 tiles from the core and say “PICK AND PASS!”. The turn then goes to the next player.

The game continues until a player uses all of his/her tiles. That player then shouts “HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!” and is the winner.

If the game ends in a stalemate, the winner is the person with the least amount of tiles left. (That player can still shout “HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!” if they want.)


Apple Turnover differs from Appletters in a few key ways:
1. A player (during his/her turn) may choose to replace a previous player’s word. The NEW word must be LONGER than the word it replaces. When doing this, the player says “TURN OVER”.

The overturned letters are returned to the player who put them down. Only words at the BEGINNING or END of “The Snake” can be turned over.

2. If a player has an unwanted letter (a “BAD APPLE”), he/she may toss it into a separate “BAD APPLE” pile (where it will not be used by anyone). Each player may do this ONLY ONE TIME per game.

When a player makes an exchange, he/she must wait for the next turn to make a word.

3. If a player doubts the validity or spelling of a word, he/she may question that word. If the word is valid, the challenger loses his/her turn. If the word is NOT valid, the person who placed that word must take it back and miss his/her turn.

Applescore is a version of Appletters designed for word lovers who love to keep score! The object is to build words that are as long as possible, to earn maximum points!

Scoring is simple. Each letter used receives 1 point, with the addition of BONUS POINTS.

5 BONUS POINTS for words of 8 LETTERS or more.
5 BONUS POINTS for a PALINDROME or SEMI-PALINDROME. [A palindrome is a word that reads the same backwards and forwards (TOOT, NOON, MADAM). A semi-palindrome is a word that is DIFFERENT when spelled backward (DOG, GOD)].

You get 5 BONUS POINTS for going out first.

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