Battlefield X Dark Souls X Dragon Age X Skyrim X Halo | Theme Mashup


💬 Remember when Master Chief led the Dragonborn and the Chosen Undead to retake Rotterdam from the German Army and close the Fade Rift above the city?

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  1. I cannot remember how long its been since I last played Halo 3, The only elder scrolls I have played though was Blades…

  2. "Hey you finally awake try to cross the galaxy eh? Walk straight to space legion same with the chosen undead soldier over there"

  3. I tried to do a brief workout with this theme playing, but then I stubbed my toe on the floor, shouted to the heavens in an ear shattering scream, summoned a dragon, rolled around in agony somehow dodging literal death itself, fell into a trench, and somehow blew up the covenant armada all in barely 3 minutes of attempting to do jumping jacks

  4. These theme songs go TOO well with each other. Like I cant even tell it's a mashup at times coz it just sounds like it orchestrated as one song rather than multiple put together

  5. Okay, this just became the official music for my headcanon that the Dragonborn brings the Stormcloaks, the Companions, and every living dragon to the fight when the Second Great War breaks out.

  6. As a Dark Souls fan for some reason, I feel an immense sense of pride when I hear the female vocals in this, like a parent watching a child accomplish something great.


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