Blood and Wine New Region Trailer – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Check out the new region featured in Blood and Wine in this new trailer for The Witcher 3 DLC.

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  1. I remember walking into gamestop with some extra cash to spend a few months ago. I looked and looked but couldn't find anything good so I searched up best xbox one games and the witcher 3 showed up. The store only had the goty edition but thank goodness I spent $60 on it because this is the best game I've ever played!!!

  2. This is game that even after I have paid full price for it, I still feel like I robbed the Devs somehow. Jesus what an amazing game.

  3. CDPR: DLC? Do you mean one of those times when you can put a whole other game into the game?

    For real, I could pay $60 for Blood and Wine alone and be a satisfied customer! The Witcher 3 is amazing.

  4. I have finished this game 76 times and counting, and I hope that every time I finish it my memory of the Witcher fades so I can replay it anew.

  5. Just finished it and i wasn’t able to let go easily so had to dig up some trailers. So hard to end The Witcher story

  6. "You might wonder.. What brings the White Wolf into this land.."

    Well you know.. A bunch of highly Intellegent-Immortal-and-Dangerous Higher Vampire is the answer to that..


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