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Today I check out one of the harder indie games from the early 2000’s.

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  1. Bonesaw was never all that popular even in the late 2000s when it had first came out. Most of the people who know anything about it probably found out because UltraJMan did a Let's Play of it, although he dropped off of the Internet radar due to some shenanigans (i.e. the "Schildkrote Foundation"). I was a big fan of the game though.

    The bonus boss "Wick" was put in as a sort of in-joke by the developer Kyle Pulver. Apparently it was "common knowledge" among members of his college that Professor Wick was secretly an android, which is why the boss is a large shapeshifting robot. The referee and the Dark Knight are similarly based on the legends of real-world people Kyle knew in college.

    The game itself has aged pretty well for a platformer-beat-em-up programmed by a single guy working out of his college dorm room, though. I haven't played it in a while, but I'm always on the lookout for new people discovering the game. Maybe one day somebody talented will put up a speedrun of it or something!

  2. Hey. G. i hate to ask, but when i see this game it reminds me of another indie game made like around 2010. its called Mibibili's quest. have you checked it out before? and if not, would you?

  3. Oh, cool! I've never heard of this game. I went onto the creator's site, and it turns out that they also made Offspring Fling! The more you know. I'm definitely gonna look through their catalogue now.

  4. I remember watching a guy called UltraJMan playing this game ages ago.
    I don’t remember much of it other than copious amounts of "BONESAW IS READY!!!", though that final level looks familiar, so I guess he must’ve completed the game.
    Unfortunately, I can’t watch that Let’s Play anymore because that channel was terminated.

  5. Strange that I searched Bonesaw since I forgot what this game looked like, and this video was uploaded 2 hours ago! What a coincidence

  6. It's been years since I last played Bonesaw. I remember back in high school I saw a friend playing it on his laptop and he gave me the files for it so I could check it out.

    I remember having a lot of fun with it but I never could get past the second area. Can't believe I actually forgot about the game itself until I saw this video pop up in my notifications, thanks for reminding me about it!

  7. Are those bomb blocks just stolen from the Kirby games? They look so similar to those bomb blocks and do the same thing as the ones from Kirby.


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