Difference Between FAT32, exFAT and NTFS


Going over the difference between FAT32, exFAT and NTFS in less than 5 minutes. These file systems provide a way to organize an internal or external drive.

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  1. Hi! My external hard drive is in NTFS format and when I used it on the TV folders are empty. Will it fix it if I use fat32 instead?

  2. Hello BTNHD i have an external HD that i am about to format(1TB). I want to use it for storing 4K videos and pictures from Gopro Hero8. What format should i use for this type of files? I will appreciate if your help.

  3. Great video minus the part where the two smaller windows covers up part of the text at the end. Maybe fix that?

  4. Is it worth formatting a FAT32 flash drive to exFAT? I have a USB 3 flash drive (512 GB) which I'm thinking of formatting over to exFAT if it'll give me any speed advantages.

  5. i did this an copied my files since i changed the format when i give it to someone else will it open up so they can view the files on it or will they have to change the format on there computer to

  6. Thank you so much man for the beautiful video 🙂
    Just one thing to add please, if you gonna use your removable drive e.g. SD or Micro SD card for a camera or a dash cam, it is highly recommended to format it through the device itself that it will be most used for (even if you gonna connect it to your laptop or desktop sometimes) this enhances its speed & durability a lot, and despite FAT32 is the oldest, most of the most recent devices (cams….etc) prefer only FAT32 & won't allow you to do any other format through the device, & really I don't know why?!.
    Again thank you so much man for your beautiful videos 🙂


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