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Champions used: Kai’Sa, Rek’Sai, Lee Sin, Taliyah

In this early game jungle gameplay guide, we take a look at some aggressive ganking tips, invading, tower diving, pressure and pathing techniques that Challenger players use in order to win games fast! Doing this you can easily end up with more than a kill a minute and completely destroying the enemy laners as well as a jungler. This can be done with any early game junglers but, of course, if your champion wins the matchup, you can even succeed using scaling junglers. Using these early game jungling tips will easily help you win more, carry, and climb in League of Legends Season 9 solo queue!



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  1. It would be super cool for a response or a video but when I follow all of these tips and im 7/1 I cant seem to deal with the bot lane going 5/2 and 1/1/9. They end up snowballing and the top lane that I snowballed isnt strong enough or thinks they can 1v5 now that their fed. How do I deal with the fed bot lane and the fact that my bot lane is tilted. I usually lose games like this and I would like to win them

  2. Hey virakayu I wanted to say thanks for this video. This was the video that finally helped me push myself out of gold and into plat. Literally as I started applying the ideas and concepts (like the proper camping technique, dragon, herald, etc) I had mostly amazing games. I didn't know all of this and wanted to take the time to thank you for this video on this video. Hell I used rek sai for most of the climb and after applying what you said here made games so much easier. Thanks man.

  3. I really like your videos, but these examples are kinda unrealistic, you wont always have laners who can play into your jungling plan like this syndra getting pushed in early and able to dive later on. And i also think you wont always have a botlane who is capable of Diving correctly, especially in low elo…
    otherwise good Job and nice tips

  4. I'm gold and everytime I watch one of your video and try to play with your advice, I end up winning. How surprising is that ?

  5. Damn it. A fantastic video, as always. You may be why I am so in love with jungling, while I love bot, mid, and top so much.

  6. Has a jg main myself still on silver (cause I need to play more games) happens to me to sometimes… even with having done all right and transform myself into the carry…The lines feed horrible that is beyond carreable. Not all the times. From 20-30 games because of a bad decision or getting counter by the enemy jungle i recognice defeat (enemy does superior plays to my current capacity).
    All in all on silver what happens is that more people are inclined to surrender than to play from behind. And even a 1 losing lane can decide the whole game (into defeat).
    On a normal game I saw how a tryndamere no ganking jg win a game (me on support role) with all the lines on behind. It took 40minutes and in the end nobody was happy or enjoying. Still a win. I told him: on a ranked is FF on 15 so dont use that strategy.
    Seem that people are stuck on leagues/mmr/elo basis more on mentality.

  7. Great video as always! You helped me improve a lot man.

    Could you please consider doing a Video about "how to find your main Champ or champ pool"?
    I know it's better to play 2-3 champs for climbing effectively, but I personally still play league for fun too! I can't play this single strong hero 100 games in a row.
    I play many and kinda diverse kinds of heroes. Rengar, Kha, Kindred, Graves, Elise, Taliyah, Heca, Nunu etc. and for my elo, quite decent I would say.
    So how do I pick one or two of them? They're all fun. I can win with all of them once I play them for a while.

    And how to I find secondary champs for when I am filled?
    Sure. Some champs can be played in 2 lanes. But besides that?

  8. Talkin about Akali dashin with big cooldowns – gets nerfed , nobody says anything about Riven dash-dash-dash-dash – gets buffed

  9. Hey I have a idea ik that u are busy in editing but could u upload some of your own gameplay with commentary or without it
    I would love it
    And as always thx for uploading these guides it always helps

  10. So many things … If your champ can 1vs1 , if your laner rotate , if enemies laners don't invade your jungle. Too many things that influence your game, you can't predict them , if you will be counterpicked, if your laners don't have cc , if enemy laner is so strong that can 1vs2 (you with your laner). You can't just keep in mind all this things. That is why League now is called coinflip.

  11. So finally got around to watching and was very nice. It felt like a more over arching sort of video rather than a you need to do A, B, C. Anyway you know I love your stuff Virk, that's why you're the only YouTuber I've even considered "Joining".
    Peace and love friend.

  12. This is again like with every video of this type a very bad example, since Rek'Sai has 3 winning lanes, with Syndra easily overpowering TF on the lane, same on bot. Top is kind of debatable, but from the replay we clearly see that Talon is mechanically supreme to the GP and thus wouldn't have any problems winning the lane without jungler interference.

    TF being insanely stupid overstepped on mid all the time against a stronger opponent, not realizing the snowball potential, Lee having 0 sense of where could Rek'Sai strike next and countergank.

    Looks like a game which Rei'Sai would win even if she was a bad jungler.

  13. I am a support main but i watch these videos cause they are extremely helpful to understand how to lane proberly and understand your team leads and objectives better

    I also consider…maybe..trying out jungling

  14. Why don't people like your videos, they're so perfect! Wish you the best master, and hopefully you make pass the 100k the sooner possible.

  15. Just found your channel as I am considering switching from mid lane to jungle
    Every video I've seen has been useful and well done, and helped a lot ! Thank you

  16. tbh, having a duo is the fastest way to climb. If you have a friend whom you play with, better co ordination, better understanding, constant commu…..youll win more than lose given both of you have decent macro, no need to be highly skilled, being decent is enough in LoL

  17. So I got a 14 day suspension bc I flamed my potato laners. <<<<that doesn't matter, is shen jungle good compared to other tanks like rammus and Zac?

  18. Thank you for your guides! Before I used to be a hard stuck silver top lane main but since watching your videos and adapting to the Junger role, I found that I had much more influence over my games, both on objectives and lanes which has helped me reach gold this season 🙂

  19. the problem is when I'm jungling as an assassin and the laners never fight, they are always full life. A gank don't kill anyone that way =/ and when I look enemy jungler has 12cs more than me because he just afk farm


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