F1 2019 – Let's Make Leclerc World Champion #4: 100% Race Baku


Let’s Make Leclerc World Champion! Check out this brand new F1 2019 gameplay of Beatdown Racing’s 100% race at the Baku City Circuit in Azerbaijan using Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari on 102% difficulty! 🇦🇿

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  1. How about those battles at Silverstone today! 🔥 Even the Mercedes' were battling! 🙌 Shouldn't F1 just ban team orders so we can get more fights like these at the front? 🤔

  2. Impressive the AI survived the first lap last race i did in baku haft of the cars where destroyed in the first lap

  3. Beat down, didn’t you have a race where at the end you could here the different drivers over the radio make a comment? I can’t seem to replicate that in my races… It just shows the checkered flag and that’s it…


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