Firebugs/"Rollcage 3" [PS1]: Playthrough


Earlier this year, I’ve been able to upload videos longer than 15 minutes on this channel, so I decided to take advantage, I recorded myself playing through a game, non-stop from the console boot, to the end screen.

The game I chose is a game called “Firebugs” on the Playstation, the reason I chose this was because I was planning on digging this up anyway, so i thought it would be a great oppertunity to record myself play through it for Youtube.

Firebugs is a futuristic racing game developed by Attention to Detail (or ATD for short), the game was only released in Europe and Australia and only for the PS1, the game was released in 2002.

The game features song from Finnish band “Bomfunk Mc’s”, most of youse will probably remember these guys for doing “Freestyler”, the game features 3 songs from their then latest album “Burning Sneakers”; “Put Ya Hands Up”, “Atomic” and “Super Electric”, the latter of which though, was only in the demo of the game.

The game also features characters based on some the members of Bomfunk Mc’s, B.O.W. is based on Raymond Ebanks, and Gizmo is based on DJ Gizmo. Both of which characters are the only characters in the game to have a track that has a Bomfunk Mc’s song as the background music.

Most of you guys will remember this game for being featured on McDonald’s’ demo disc 4, that was how I descovered it.

What some of youse may not know is that this is technically a 3rd in the series, I say technically, I mean it’s not official, but the company who made this game Attention To Detail (ATD) also made the Rollcage games, and this game uses pretty much the same game engine as those games, the cars are similar, the HUDs are similar, and even the power-ups and items are the same. Those who had played the Rollcage games will notice alot of similarities between them, and this, at least gameplay wise.

Before you ask, I used a VCR converter to record this, it has AV cables on the front, and you can record whatever is plugged into that.

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  1. I was a huge PlayStation gamer AND Bomfunk MC's fan when this came out, would you believe, I loved it! And then the Bomfunk album didn't even get a release in the UK. That bummed me out. Great game though!

  2. Is this game as fun as it looks? I love the music!

    We only got the first two Rollcage titles in the U.S. and this looks like its right up my alley.

  3. You know, in my childhood, Firebugs was my first Rollcage. I'm. Dead. Serious. Honestly, I was amazed at this back then, but now, it's just my guilty pleasure, meaning that I sometimes play this game on an emulator. Nowadays, I think that the first two Rollcage games were better than this lackluster clone (by the same developers). You know what the first Rollcage games had? DESTRUCTION! SERIOUSLY! Firebugs lacks SO many features that Rollcage Stage II had. I think that this game was more of a promotion of the Bomfunk MC's album "Burnin' Sneakers", with only 3 songs from the album. (including "Super Electric"). I'm not saying that the game is that bad, but could've been better.

  4. GRIP, spiritual successor of Rollcage, is out on Kickstarter ! It needs you to make this dream happen 😀

  5. no wonder I wanted to listen to super electric while playing and I couldn't 🙁 I needed an explanation for that one so thank you very much. I remember playing the demo at first and I loved the fact that Bomfunk mc's were used as sountrack

  6. That's great to know, I forgot that australia uses PAL as well, so youse get some the games we get. It's great to know that was one of the handful games, like you said, it's a great game.

    I wouldn't want to see a remake, because if there exists a remake for stronger systems, who would want to play the original? A sequel, however, is a different story…


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