Friendly Fight School of Chaos


Video #43 – Are you bored? Try fighting players of different levels and see how quickly you lose or win. Geeez, someone had a bounty and I won (he lost in purpose). Thanks to everyone who made this video possible. To all the sponsors for the next giveaway, may God bless you!

0:00 School of Chaos
0:25 Bluedragon89
0:53 Stylebender-
1:47 modidnsse
1:59 Raydenf(soc)
2:12 Scott Iverson(soc)
3:05 ZakeioU23
3:31 noah hood
3:42 Loloeaux
4:02 Abdelaziz92230

SOC Name: Spelvin(SOC)
COC Name: Spelvin
Instagram: spelvin.soc

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  1. Hi spelvin last time i saw you in school and you said who want to duel my friend i thought you fake spelvin but its real so pls shout me because i always watch you new video

  2. Hey spelvin and I'm pretty sure this happend with everybody but the game kicked me out of my clan I'm really looking for a clan to join

  3. I am don't know what from start but
    A few days ago install game and I don't know how to get VIP tokens,can you help me please?If you have discord can you send request San#1711. Very thank you if you gonna help me

  4. If ur trying to active the legend fight, Press C then B then C just press them once if u press more than it wont work because pressing them C and B can only triggered 3 times and the damage is op, i tried and test it

  5. why I when im grinding tags or do something important u spelvin download a video why I cant be from the top 5 who the video and im the 9th like the last comment I wrote not bad!


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