Game Grumps Animated – Balogna Man – by Patrick Stannard


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  1. It has been confirmed, even after a grump head is removed from the body, it will continue to tell horrible jokes. Like a lizard tail!

  2. I had a weird dream where it was a cheesy horror movie where the main phrase was run run as fast as you can before Humpty Dumpty catches you again and you would get extremely sick if he caught you and for some reason had the power to erase stairs fro

  3. Me and my friend Jay thought of a fucking hilarious horror movie

    Me: can you create a cool horror movie off the top of your head with me?

    Jay: how about "The Nutcracker"

    Me: a possessed nutcracker that goes around chomping on peoples balls


    Jay: every man fears for their manhood when they hear The Nutcracker theme

    Me: impersonating a victim He is coming, get the cups!



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