How to Download iTunes to your computer and run iTunes Setup – Newest Version 2019


Download iTunes to your computer. Get the latest version when you see how to download iTunes to your computer. When you view this video tutorial on how to download iTunes to your computer Windows 10, you can see it takes a good amount of disc space storage for a iTunes download. However, iTunes can be download from Microsoft Windows Store or get iTunes download directly from Apple website.
Here is iTunes download link:

Latest news (December 15th 2018) about Apple iTunes and Amazon Alexa. You can now play iTunes music on Amazon Alexa.

You can also use this video tutorial and iTunes download link to download iTunes for Windows 10, download iTunes for Windows 7 and also for iTunes download for Windows 8.1 So you can learn in this video how to download iTunes to your laptop in all Windows versions.


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  1. What is the difference between the Microsoft Windows 10 version and from iTunes directly from Apple and what is the difference between the 64 or 32 gig version??

  2. Omg thank you so much this finally worked for me most of the other videos are clickbait but yours isn't thank you again I'm definitely subscribing and liking!


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