How To Fix "android.process.acore" has stopped working Error On Android ?


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How To Fix “android.process.acore” has stopped working Error On Android ?

Method 1:

Before Doing this take backup of Your Contacts

Step 1: Go to “settings”

Step 2: Apps or Application Manager

Step 3: Go to “All” tabs.

Step 4: Find “contacts” and clear it’s Data.

Step 5: Open “Contacts Storage” and clear data of it .

Method 2:

Step 1: Go To “Settings”.
Step 2: Tap on “Apps or Application Manager” .
Step 3: Tap on Top three dots .
Step 4: Tap on “Reset App Preferences” .

Method 3:

1. Uninstall the app that is Creating the Popups .

2. Disable Goolge+.

3. Reinstall app that was causing the popups

4. Re-enable Google+ .

Method 4:

Factory Reset your Phone

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  1. Thank you for shearing! I tried first two methods, but still got the problem. I resolved it with cleaning the cash of the Google App

  2. It really works when I uninstall the google. Thanks for showing bro . make more helpful videos like this thanks once again

  3. When I go to do the backup I immediately get the error "android.process.acore" has stopped working!!! I can't even backup my contacts! i have tried every fix for this damn error that is on the net and sometimes things will work but after a few days the error always comes back!!

    GOOGLE HAS SCREWED THE POOCH on something they have done! My Google Nexus 5 (Android OS 4.4.4) has been running perfectly for years and now right after Thanksgiving (2018) this damn error has started!!!! HELP SOMEONE! There has got to be a permanent fix!

  4. mine wont even let me go into the settings because then a popup comes up and says that "settings has stopped working" so I have no other option but to factory reset. This is like the third time this has happened with my damn tablet


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