How to get the NEW Eg Egg! (Eg) | ROBLOX Egg Hunt 2020


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  1. Hi I’m on albert I am not going home because I’m not going home to work on albert is this year to be home I have to do a little more work and then I’m home I don’t want you guys going home and then I’m home and I have a lot to come home so I’m going home to get a cake for my kids and I don’t want you guys going home and I have a lot going on and then I’m home and then I will come over to you

  2. I went into Monsters Of Etheria just to get the egg but it said the thing to get it wouldn’t work on mobile (I was on IPad) so it gave me it for free

    How nice

  3. Rest in peace Nimblz for those who didn't noticed he passed away at the age of 21. Our legend is gone, we will remember you


  4. May nimblz rest in peace (aka the creator of the game eg and sno) we will miss u dude I love you have fun in heaven.. I will see u there..


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