HOW TO HOMEGROUP WITHOUT HOMEGROUP in Windows 10 – April 2018 Update


Microsoft removed the Homegroup feature in the latest Windows 10 edition 1803. Here’s how to share your files on the home network without Homegroup. The Homegroup is missing after Windows 10 version 1803.

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  1. 6:38 Click 'Add' after selecting 'Everyone'

    P.S. Some people report that the Networked Folders are not showing.
    Only the Windows Media Share.
    If this happens to you, go to Services.
    Search for Services in Cortana search box to get there and start the following Services:
    • DNS Client.
    • Function Discovery Resource Publication.
    • SSDP Discovery.
    • UPnP Device Host.

    Set them to start Automatically for good measure.

  2. You are a genius! I have a new windows 10 machine that I have been trying to connect to 2 windows 7 machines without any luck. I have been searching for a workaround for this problem for the last 24 hours. I'm letting you know that you are the only one who had the solution. BRAVO!

  3. Is there some way to just install homegroup from another windows version? Like the actual "homegroup program" and not have to do all them other 25 steps when homegroup was much simpler. I also do not like the cloud service, THE ONLY REASON they force it on you is surveillance. Why else would someone pay millions of dollars to host a free file hosting/sharing service? Simple, see what it is your storing, sending, receiving ect. Its all about control. Thats why I do not like and try to avoid cloud services. The internet is getting out of hand with all these companies trying to censor EVERYTHING. The new iPhone and Android updates will let your phone see if you have a temperature or have been around someone how may have had a suspected 'Covid-19' infection, then tell all your contacts this information. Violating your privacy, Hippa rights and really slander, because what if its wrong? It also will have facial recognition even able to detect faces WITH a MASK ON. WTF is wrong with these big tech companies? Are they trying to cause civil unrest aimed at them? Alot of people are fed up and near their breaking point from all I see, hear and read all the time. But they think that they know whats best for us, thats until some one has enough and shows up there telling them how it is. I see that happening. Its simple, why cause conflict? What do they think, people only take so much before they push back, this includes, the president, cops, military, the average joe blow, and their worst fears, some lunitic with a death wish and a short fuse. Me I am ready to do away with technology, just shut it off and be done with it, the Quakers live some of the best lives because the refused it since day one. The new update they could give a rats @$$ about or censorship, and their files are all on paper in a cabinet in there house. They still socialize with each other and have no "Facebook friends" only REAL ONES.

  4. AMAZING – just set up my very first network by connecting my old Win 7 PC to my new Win 10 PC with all my files! Great video – thanks so much!

  5. Could you please create a simple how to video showing how to share usb files from your router with windows 10!

  6. Thanks man you helped me a lot, I been struggling for hours, wish I found you hours ago. Many blessings to you. 🙂

  7. Great tutorial. My problem is with the most recent security update (mid-April 2020) I cannot access the shared folders w/o entering network credentials (which I believe are my Windows account credentials). But after entering them, it doesn't recognize them.

  8. great video thank you – however this has not helped me – im at my wits end now – windows 10 is utter rubbish – i have a pc and and a laptop i want to access my pc from my laptop and vice versa but for the life of me i cant do it – all i get is a error message – \ (my pc name) cant be found – but i can see the folders and drives but when i click in them they are not showing.. i have literally tried everything- my last laptop i had set up no worries but this is a joke now

  9. Brilliant! I set it up in about 5 minutes. Thanks.
    Two slight anomalies – I have several disk drives attached to one computer and firstly I had to share each one individually – no problem – but each time I boot up the other computer I have to reset sharing on the pc that has the drives attached. Am I missing something?

  10. After trying to share the 'Documents' folder; error stating: Network Access – your folder can't be shared
    I have completed the instructions in the video twice, still have same error.
    Using Windows 10Pro (1909) on both computers. [Desktop and Laptop]

  11. I'm having the same problems others reported below. I followed all the instructions on my primary desktop, but the secondary desktop (which is still Windows 7 Home) is asking for a network username and password. I have never used passwords on any devices.

  12. Despite turning password protection off, I'm still prompted to enter the name and password to access the other computers in the network. I have followed all the steps. Where could it have gone wrong?

  13. For never having a homegroup, is a better video! (same author)
    I had a problem w/this video (I think it's cuz I never hadda Homegroup). I was going nuts b/c the instr @ 5:00 or so regarding sharing did not align w/ what i was seeing on my computer.

  14. Great and helpfull vid .Thanks.I have an extra 2 computers that's linked to a wifi extender how do i go about linking all of them

  15. IMPORTANT: If you don't want to give access to the Main Computer's files (mine is a Win7) to ALL the connected computers (mine are all Win10), you have to "Turn on password protected sharing" at 3:13. Then you can give the username and password ONLY to the connected satellite computers that you will allow to see the files. The username and password you will create at the Main Computer where the files are (not the satellite computers) by ADDING users and enabling/creating passwords. Then log off these new users from the Main Computer and go to one of the satellite computers on the network (using the username and any password you have been using all along) and get ready to enter these NEW usernames and passwords you created at the Main Computer when prompted and while at the satellite computer attempting to view the Main Computer's drives under Network. It can be glitchy but if you log off from all machines THEN log in as explained above it will work.

  16. when i try to get in seconds pc via network, it ask me credentials (username and passoword) and there is no anything about that. i tried to turn off credentials but the same issue. any idea?


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