How to Play Boules + Make New Friends (Snippet 13)


Get outside! Play a new game! We wanted this week’s video to be about getting the last bits of that summer sunshine and learning a new game – so we decided on bocce. Then it turned out we were learning to play boules. So now, here you have it a “How to Play Boules … or Bocce” tutorial video that is a mixture of tutorial/adventure/and oh so much fun. We now know what our plan is for any sunny day in Berlin in the coming months – straight to the courts!

But in all seriousness – don’t take life so seriously. Learn something new. Hang with good people. Live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

ps Thursday is Lou’s birthday – he’s turning 26 – if anyone reads these descriptions wish him a happy birthday. If it doesn’t make him smile it will definitely make me 🙂
Music Credits:
“Barry” by Falcxne

“Feels” Olmos

Video Camera: Canon 5D3 with a Canon f4 24-105 lens 
Audio: Sennheiser MKE 600 + Lou layers in a lot of other audio tracks to make the sound even richer! 
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  1. Thanks for explaining. Off to watch Guernsey versus Jersey match soon so now I’ll be able to follow. Much appreciated.

  2. That looked so fun. Esp being able to have a nice drink in the park while playing. Your playing partner was such a nice man and really funny. I need to see if we have anything in our area.

  3. Nice video. How do you know which ball belongs to whom? There is nothing to distinguish one ball from another.

  4. Lovely location for boule!
    2:40 is incorrect btw: you (or your team) have to keep playing until you get the point – then the opposing team plays, again, until they get the point.

  5. I think its a great theme taking light things and making how to videos on them.
    Same law isn't it, how small negative things get you seriously down and howsmall positive things get you higher. Working on small things is the magic i believe

  6. Aww what a fun, interesting video! I love how you guys befriended strangers in the city! How cool. Also, I'm wondering how many languages do you guys speak?

  7. another video, another burst of happiness! Your videos inspire me everytime! and Happy birthday Lou! Hope you had a wonderful day!

  8. Hey!!! there are world championships a km from my home. Ok, they play hard as if it is a championship, but don't tell them: it's just a game!!! They use Stanley pocket meters and they have custom bowls. It's a serious thing 😁😁😁

  9. This looks like fun! So two questions….is it acceptable to roll your ball with the intention of bumping someone else's ball away from the Jack so one of your balls is closer? Also if you have 8 people who are playing and you use the kit you have with two sets of balls where 4 are the same how can you tell whose are whose when playing? Do you just have to remember where yours lands? One more question. If you have say 4 people playing can you still each throw 4 balls if there are enough balls to go around? Hope you don't mind the questions. Thanks!

  10. i loooooooooove les boules or la pétanque. In the south everyone plays this game! and we call the small ball "le cochonnet" (the small pig). lovely video!

  11. this is suuuper. i love you guys in that there is an inherent awareness of keeping in check that you are heading towards a positive lifestyle, it's truly inspiring and i look forward to each and every snippet of your life!

  12. Yeah ! I love it ! I'm French and I really love to play this game named "pétanque" in french. There is always two sets in my car trunk, just in case 😉 I enjoyed so much your video, just perfect ! I'm so fan of you O_o

  13. Happy Birthday, Lou! I'll turn 26 on the 20th 🙂
    Great video, I also have a friend who's brave and outgoing and I'm incredibly thankful for all the great memories she made for and with me.

  14. So how do you keep the balls straight between the two teams, the balls look the same. Looks like fun Happy Birthday Lou!!!

  15. I have so many memories of seeing the older men in my grandparents town in France playing in the park ☺️ Happy birthday Lou!

  16. I'm so glad that I found this channel a few days ago, it's one of my favorites now! Will you guys post a Q & A video in the future? Thanks and happy early birthday Lou 🙂

  17. Happy birthday Lou😊May God bless you and give you a lifetime of happiness with the ones you love.🙏🏻btw this game seems to be very difficult.😩


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