How To Play: MANCALA (Correctly)


PLAY MANCALA WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE GAME IN JUST UNDER 6 MINUTES! I include a full game playthrough, tips, and some nice music, so it’s worth it! Thank you so much and enjoy!

Original Description: So we got this game for my little sister’s birthday, and upon reading the instructions, still had no clue how to play. We looked online and watched two different YouTube videos that were both different. Finally, we read online from a few different websites and encoded the instructions again and we figured it out. If there are any questions or comments, just leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!


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  1. How often do you all play where the entire board gets emptied out and added to the store once a player has emptied their side and ended the game? The game ends, and the player who has stones left over gets to add them to their store, and then the total stones are added up to determine the winner.

  2. There is no one correct way. Mancala is the name of the large well on the board. This version is called capture. The other version avalanche and there are many more.

  3. This is the correct Americanized version…lol but the true ancient game is played a little different. ..there are not many variations ..there are many incorrect ways of playing …it's like changing the name of your chess pieces in chess game …lol so no…not many variations….but if you are playing this "variation" then there's only two things missing didn't take your enemy's pieces in front of you. The second thing is..well it's not important for this version….great video..

  4. HI, I am a mancala online game designer. Our new game: magic- mancala is coming soon.Could you make an evaluation video for our game?

  5. You still didn’t say who won the game. She didn’t count what’s in her store. Does the person who ends up with the most marbles in their store win?

  6. The rules r

    1: if u land in a pile that has beads in it u pick all of them up and continue ur turn

    2: if your opponent has no more moves on there side they pick from your side

    3: the game ends when there is no more beads and all of them are in both of your goals

    That is how u play

  7. This is wrongggggg. You supposed to only stop playing only if you had to put your last stone/marble in an empty spot🤦🏽‍♀️

  8. You don’t put 4 in each hole you put 3 in a couple holes and then 2 in some holes!

  9. 'that's pretty much it' actually NOT> If you drop a stone in an empty pot on your side, you can collect it and steal any stones in the opposite side.


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