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SysTools Image to PDF Converter tool: allows users to transfer/convert images to PDF files. It can convert various image files of graphics type, snapshots or any other version of photos to PDF format. Any GIF, JPG, PSD, PCX, JPEG, ICO, BMP image files can be converted into PDF file format. For saving these images into PDF format the tool provides two options i.e. Save All Images into Single PDF & Save an Image Per PDF File. With the “Save All Images into Single PDF” option, the tool creates a single PDF file for all the images after conversion. While with the “Save an Image Per PDF File” option the tool creates one PDF file for each image.

Additionally, it maintains the image quality even after converting them into PDF file format. There will not be any changes to the image resolution and pixels. Also, there will be no risk of losing the quality of images while converting them into PDF files. Once the images are added the software will generate the immediate preview of all images. Moreover, the preview of PDF files that are created after the migration process is also shown to a user. For saving the converted PDF files the tool allows users to select any desired location as per their choice. Lastly, this Image to PDF Converter tool can be used on any Windows OS to transfer pictures to pdf files.

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