Imago: Transformative Puzzle Game (95 Billion Highscore)


Imago is a transformative puzzle game where you combine tiles to increase your score. This video we destroy the flower challenge with a massive highscore.

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  1. I like how he called cyan green, pink purple, but orange is just orange. I don't recall that being a type of colourblind, so you're just weird +xisumavoid

  2. I really like these different game videos. It's very simple, but also very enjoyable. I would love if you uploaded some more, maybe to the second channel. I don't even think a commentary is necessary, you could just play some music.

  3. I love it when youtubers play a game out of the blue just because they play it a lot and very very well and its so nerdy and it makes me smile

  4. X, do you have some sort of eye problem? The green/blue is an illusion color where people can see it as green or blue.

  5. Why didn't you upload this video at your tablet's aspect ratio? That way mobile users can watch in vertical fullscreen!


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