Kanban 4p Play-through, Teaching, & Roundtable discussion by Heavy Cardboard


Are you interested in learning how to play Kanban? Here is your chance! Edward, from Heavy Cardboard, teaches you how to play in this video.

Later, he is joined by Matt, Ash and Dann for a full-game play-through. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Rules Explanation Begins: 4:21
Gameplay Begins: 52:49
End Game/Final Scoring: 3:34:41
Roundtable & Discussion: 3:41:23

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  1. Love this teach and the playthrough. When I get my group together, I'm just going to point them here the day before.

    Also, the cars in the Driver's Edition? I call them Beeples.

  2. Hey might be a bitt late for getting a reply on this. But im gonna get Kanban. Any chance you could educate me on what the Kanbab EV that is coming and the Kanban Drivers eddition. What is the diferance ?

  3. I love your videos! That said, I do wish you'd take off the jewelry before you shoot because the eye follows movement and light colors and, as a result, they are really distracting.

  4. I love this game! Just to clarify, on 1:24:59 when you're in the Admin Dept, can you spend a book to train in other departments? Isn't it you can only use shifts to train in the other department when you're in the Admin Dept? Base on my understanding you can only use a book on your current department. Please correct me if im wrong. Thanks! 🙂

  5. I think when Sandra jump she does to the next empety space and not to the next empety space in another departamemt. Therefore Sandra could be in the same departament 2 turn in a row. Great channel and great playthrougt 🙂

  6. It's amazing what rules you forget after a year of not playing… thanks Edward and gang for having this on hand so I could brush up on how to NOT screw up Kanban!

  7. 3:36:14 wouldn't you get 4 points (rather than 3) since you performed one of the tested upgrades? Maybe you missed counting the special double upgrade?

  8. I arrive after the battle but it seems to me that what Edward does at 3h25min is not allowed.
    In actually, if I have understood the rules correctly, when you are in administration you have the right to be trained in administration and in only one other department… and not 2. Anyone to confirm or deny?

  9. Thanks for the runthrough! Can I make a friendly suggestion? I think it might have been helpful to understand what actions people were taking on the main board by having access to one of the player's boards. So, just a thought for future runs, perhaps one of the side cameras could show the player board of one person, just so we can follow the logic of why that player is taking certain actions on the main board

  10. In final scoring , blue shouldn't have gotten 1 PP on the training track for ADMIN for he made no progress. you only score if you made progress. PAGE 15 rule book, Final scoring ,step 6

  11. Great playthrough, as expected. This was about as close as the game I played on Saturday, which was also my first.

  12. Love Lacerda's games. Really enjoyed the play through as always. What size/style of table from boardgametables.com are you playing on?

  13. Edward are you playing with the rules of the second edition?
    If not you cheated big time near the end of the game by training on two different departments around the 3hrs33 time mark. According to the normal rules "You can only micro-manage one department each day." The rules state you can nonetheless go up on the administration training track so you potentially can train on two different tracks but one of them has to be the administration department. :)……nvm you got corrected 😉
    I also immediately spotted the blunder on the final scoring but once again the peanut gallery saves the day 😀


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