Kanban – Playthrough & Review


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Welcome to week 3 of our Vital Lacerda series! This is “Kanban,” released originally in 2014. This video includes a “Kanban” board game rules overview. Let us know what you think about the game in the comments section below!


0:00 – 34:20 – Overview/Rules Teach
34:21 – 1:44:10 – Gameplay
1:44:11 – 1:47:59 – Final Scoring
1:48:00 – END – Review

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  1. The first game I developed for Vital and my favorite of them all. Great job! Automobile by Martin Wallace is a game you should try. It was the game that headed me down the path of heavy games.

  2. Another excellent review of an outstanding game!
    A question: when fulfilling a kanban order in logistics, why do you only add car parts to one side of the department? As per the rules, you add all car parts to the matching color spaces on both sides of the imaginary line. I'm surprised Vital didn't catch this but I think this is clearly a rules mistake.
    Thanks for the playthrough and keep up the good work!

  3. You will find a life cycle in On Mars too. Kanban and On Mars to me are the best games of Vital Lacerda 😊 Cheers from Portugal!

  4. What a pity, that i dont have enough time (even in this crazy circumstances) to watch your videos. Ive never played any of Lacerda games and definitely this one would be the one which i want to try…
    Stay safe!!

  5. Loved this playthrough. The first time I saw the Kanban board, I was hooked. I also liked the art on the original Vinhos board (the current one is very nice too). That's what initially drew me in to Vital's games. The mechanics and gameplay sealed the deal.

    Keep up the great work. Loving your channel!

  6. Yey. You have just made my monday a whole lot better! I really like the game, lots of elements to keep it interesting. Fab job guys. X

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