Killing Floor 2: HoE Krampus Lair Solo SWAT Long Game w/Krampus


The opt-in beta for the Christmas event is live for PC. The update officially becomes accessible on the 12th of December for all platforms.

To join the opt-in beta for PC follow these steps.
1. Go to your steam game library
2. Right click Killing Floor 2 then go into properties
3. Find the betas tab on the top
4. Select the beta into preview-
5. Let the update install

With the holidays coming up Tripwire has brought back the seasonal Christmas event in KF2. Adding a new map to fit the Christmas theme with 2 new weapons for SWAT and Survivalist. The UMP 45 and the Freezethrower with a seasonal unlockable for the year.

In this run, I walk through the entire map completing the seasonal objectives to unlock the pajama suit so players have a reference to go by when the update goes live. While doing so, I showcased the new weapon for SWAT and Survivalist simultaneously. The UMP 45 is a great addition to SWAT. Powerful and efficient, I’d say it rivals the P90 for a solid tier 3 choice. The only draw back it has is it doesn’t have a large ammo pool unlike most swat weapons. But still is an excellent weapon regardless. The freezethrower is another acceptable weapon. It’s fun to use and quite practical to but, I’m not sure how it would change the meta for the game since now, everyone can freeze larges whenever they choose. It’s still to early to draw an assumption but hey, we’ll see where it takes us. For the map, Krampus Lair is well made with each area feeling different from the last. The environments are nicely detailed from start to finish. It gets more challenging the further you travel to each area. As for the new Stand Your Ground feature It’s a neat addition to the map I’d like to see more in future maps and for it to occur less often. The new boss “The Abomination/Krampus” is quite cool but I found the fight repetitive and boring since it’s just a giant bullet sponge with tons enemies swarming you with hardly a break. Overall, a great update for everyone to enjoy.

KF Version: 1058

Wave 7/10 – 18:01
Boss Wave – 32:50

Video was delayed for a day because the first run I’d completed was ruined due to frame skips. I had to scrap the first run and do it again thankfully, it didn’t take too long. Forgive the delay and thanks for watching.

Changelog for update:


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  1. اني ستريمر بيجي ستيم ياريت لو تدخلون ع قناتي تدعموني احتاجكم❤️

  2. normal people when they were 5: i can't wait for Santa!
    me as 5yr old being a German: yo where the fuck is Krampus imma light his ass up

  3. 31:08 – 31:09 that's such random shift of target when fleshpund and quarterpound are in front of you.

  4. I'm wondering what a full 6 player lobby on HoE would be like if they all had skills like this guy….

  5. Krampus and those goddamn green minions in that map I'm not even sure I can make it out on normal lol

  6. Do you see the way your reticle just kind of jumps around there from headshot to headshot? You are using an aimbot.

  7. They've really buffed the enemies, this looks so easy back in the day. especially scrake and flesh poun head health. so much higher now.

  8. HoE isn’t that hard. The only problem is that if you fucked it up and miss one target or reload at the wrong time, etc. Things can go from “I’m doing great” to “Oh SHIT!” In a couple of seconds. Mistakes are greatly punished on this difficulty.

  9. the shots he is missing is probably cuz of the weapon spread. It dosent mean he isn't aimbotting. That said, he could just have God aim cuz i have seen such people before.


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