killing(code) with Munchy and Tom – Episode 1: Hello World


Welcome to a new show where my good friend Tommy Oliver and I learn to program in Python together. Using a textbook chapters as our guide, we’ll tune in every week to discuss what we learned. Feel free to read along with us week-to-week and post your own experiences in the comments. We read every single one!

We’re reading from this book:
This week we read everything up to page 52. Don’t be discouraged, a lot of that was preamble.

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Your Python charmers are…
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  1. Hearing you guys talk about learning coding skills and being super excited about basic functionality like printing to the terminal just reminded me how I felt when I was first coding lol. Nowadays thing like input detection and variable outputting just feels like tedious chores to me when I have to code them.

    Also to address the point Tom mentioned that he didn't feel coding was taxing I think its just because he hasn't gotten to that point where he knows every step you need to code to achieve a task but realise you will have to spend a butload of time coding things like simple if else ststements to get there.

  2. Munchy, if you want to start taking button input and display graphics and stuff, look into pygame once you get a bit further

  3. As a professional programmer, I find this enthusiasm cute and it warms my heart.

    Two small pieces of advice:

    1. Do an actual project as soon as it is feasible. It can be extremely simple, but it must have some use, no matter how small. I am not a Python guy, but I’ve heard that the book Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is good at providing ideas and some guidance.

    2. Keep learning “UNIX” stuff (command line, basically). You don’t need to be a wiz or live in it, just strive for basic knowledge of the GNU core utilities, piping, SSH, and some shell (e.g. bash). A good way to learn this is to set up a linux server (free at first on Amazon Web Services or Linode), or install Arch or Gentoo Linux on a USB drive or on Virtualbox VM.

    That’s it. The first is really important, and is somewhat analogue to the “just draw” advice that is given to new artists.

  4. I guess I'll throw this away here. Just graduated with a Computer Science Degree Yesterday! If you Guys ever want some help with some dumb lexicon concept, or anything at all feel free to shoot me a message I'd be glad to help.

  5. going down a similar route with learning to code. post more podcast so i have something to listen to while i toil away at python

  6. Can't wait to verbally abuse munch and Tom whenever an episode isn't uploaded at 8:00am EST on Friday

  7. You're using construct 3 Tom, but honestly get yourself UE4. It's practically code free with the blueprints system, and the workflow is one of the greatest things in a game engine.

  8. Being a programmer myself I got a little second hand embarrassment listening tbh. My advice is try not to come across like a script kiddie or programmers will have a good laugh at you. Other than that it’s cute how excited you both are about programming so maybe I’ll watch again to see what you might be able to actually accomplish.

  9. That endless war map sounds like a nightmare. There's areas that are connected to 6 other areas, how does a 2d array handle that setup?

  10. This is pretty cool! I did a degree on game development and coding, and despite doing my literal dissertation in literal python, I still don't know how the fuck that language works.
    So I'm gonna read along and follow this book with you guys. See you next week!

  11. Yo, just a heads up, I don't know if the intro was just to show off that you guys know how to navigate between the directories in the commandline, but I hope you have your PATH variable setup for Python, meaning you don't have to literally navigate to the Python folder everytime to execute a python script.

  12. python is a terrible language, meaningful whitespace is the absolute worst design decision that could be integrated into any computer language ever.

  13. "You know the secret, the difference between heaven and hell, is like, doing your work. You feel really shitty if you don't do your work. If you do your work, it's fucking awesome."
    -Terry A. Davis

  14. Once you guys finish that book there's another one by the same author called 'Learn More Python 3 the Hard Way' or something.

  15. PSA: For any poorfags wanting to read along, you can get the book for free via without any torrent shenanigans.

    Great podcast, I enjoyed it a lot. Takes me back to when coding was still new and exciting for me, though writing actually functional code still makes me feel like an incarnate demiurge sometimes. Your enthusiasm is infectious and I wanna start a new coding project now (or just work more on EW hehe).

  16. Really glad you guys are doing this. A lot of schools nowadays are teaching kids to code from the 4th grade because of how useful the skill is. I personally did a udemy crash course and found it pretty time efficient to get a grasp on the basics.

  17. As a full-time code monkey I really get what you guys are saying about how good it feels to know that you're better than everyone else by virtue of being able to code. On the other hand, it's kind of lonely that most people just can't even begin to understand what it is I do as a job.

  18. I feel like if you guys research about the Henry Thulow guy (american animator who animates anime in japan with credits in Tokyo Ghoul and Overlord e.t.c), it will probably harden your resolve in pursuing your goals. Kill that pussy shit about limiting yourself and go for it. Anyways I enjoy this podcast angle, because I am an art boy as well as a web developer, so I eventually want to get into game development on an indie level. Keep it up!

  19. Huh, I just started learning python myself last week(after procrastinating on it for years), how convenient
    Maybe this will keep me actually doing it instead of losing focus and getting distracted with other shit forever

  20. i went thru my fair share of coding tuts and such a few years back. including learn python the hard way. i think there's one for C too. fun shit! learned a lot. the ai stuff with neural nets is fascinating as well! enjoy your journey, you won't regret it.

  21. you might want to check algorithmic art…not sure what there is to use in python but i bet you can do stuff just with simple image libraries

  22. Fuck yeah do more of this. The concept of hearing munchy talk about CS weekly sounds orgasmic. And Tom is cool I guess.


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