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Be careful with what you play…or should I say, who you play….
(Check comment section if you don’t get the ending)

song title: Mary’s Theme (Ib OST)
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Song title: Steampianist – Secrets of Wysteria (Ft. Vocaloid Oliver)
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Song title: Zinnia Theme (Sorrow) (Pokemon)

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~Outro Music by Souichi Sakagami~
song title: 1, 2 no 3, 4
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  1. I realized there is a couple of spelling mistakes. >_< Sorry guys, I didn't see it until I edited it. P.S: To those who didn't get the ending, basically, they all forgotten about the coin that they needed to spend the very next day. (Its the rule) So at the end, Miu realized she still have the coin and if they had spent it the very next day, none of them would've died. Miu decided to jump because its been four to five days since they did the ritual therefore, she knows, Kokkuri-san is going to claim her soul as well.

  2. Uhhhhh You can’t let go kokkuri san or else you will die you need to say kokkuri san please go back where you were

  3. I've already used the Ouija board before and I forgot to send the demon back and also the worst this is is that I have zozo in my room now –

  4. I think the reason Miu was the last one to survive was because she didn’t ask her question! They died in the order of their questions.

  5. this is why when I want to have a sleepover I only like to watch horror stories but not play horror games because 1.i don't wanna spent my money on a scary game2.i will sleep straight away when I just played for 5 min or smt
    i remembered I tried playing baby blue at my school but luckily teeheeh im so smart I flush that damn thing away and did everything smoothly
    tbh I didn't do smoothly I almost throw it in the sink and I was like oh hell nah and my friends were like girl if u run away teachers will notice us

  6. Is nobody talking about how ichigo-Chan’s profile and intro are so cute and pink and kawaii but she makes H O R R O R G L M V s ?

  7. 可愛いいちごちゃんの動画をいつも見てます。怖い話をガチャライフで表している動画が多いんですね。


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