[Let's Play] Ozmafia – Otome Game: EP01: I'm being killed ( 〇□〇)


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  1. I don't understand this. In the anime Scarlet is the MC. Why a girl this time?
    Comments section help me understand this, please.

  2. the girl kinda looks like yui from diabolik lovers but the only difference i see is that diabolik lovers is just about a bunch sadistic vampires

  3. This is like diabolik lovers i can sees fadora hat man and Yui and kanto ( I think that's how they spell th anme

  4. I gotta get out, I wanna play this game for myself so bad, but I also want to watch you play it, so I will be back for this lovely playthrough when I'm done! 😘 BYE!

  5. I love your let's play of ozmafia!Can't wait to watch all the other episodes.Also those are italian words since it is a game with mafia theme

  6. The anime that came out REALLY disappointed me
    Like I was hoping that they would include the girl and make it legit
    But they made a 4 minute episode with the characters looking looking mini creatures and has nothing to do with the game
    Please please someone tell me if there's ever gonna be a real series pleaeeesweeewsaaanahjajajahshaja

  7. I know I'm probably too late, but a little name pronunciation guide:

    Caramia – Kara-MIA

    Kyrie – Kear-e-EY

    Axel – (just as it looks)

    Scarlet – (just as it looks)

    Caesar – (just as it looks)

    So – (yes, his name is So.)

    That's basically all of the main or confusing ones.

  8. Barley into the first episode and I found best boys! It's a fight between Kyrie and Axel! FIGHT MY PRETTIES, FIGHT!

  9. I have just started my channel thank to your videos, I love the otome games like you and If you please (even when I only have 2 videos) I would like you to visit and let me know your opinion.

    Have a kawaii day!


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