Let's Play Protostar – Entry 1 – Out of the Frying Pan (1/5)


Welcome to 1993’s Protostar: War on the Frontier, my friends! In this game — which was supposed to be Starflight 3 until circumstances forced abandonment of that plan — puts you in the role of an undercover Protostar agent masquerading as a Newfront mercenary. Your primary mission is to unite the four main races of the galaxy against the dastardly Skeech menace. In this first entry, I get my marching orders and find myself in some combat woefully ill-prepared (the controls/UI/radar of this game is bizarre), but I come out victorious, killing one ship and forcing the other to run away like a scared bunny rabbit. I then do some mining and make some new friends! Yay!
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  1. i remember capturing a scheech ship with bad ass engines…then finding a derelict with even better engines soon after.

  2. I remember the combat being exactly like this: hard to control and enemy ships took an absurd amount of damage, and sucked fuel. Like they were trying to emulate Wing Commander style of games, but totally failed.

  3. I love this game – thank you so much for making these videos! 🙂 Just started playing it again (I also own the game in its big retail box) and I've found a planet where you can mine vast amounts of fuel! It's at 066/075 and the planet is called Galothia.

  4. Thanks for the footage … at lest we know now its a good looking dos game with awful combat …a thing that takes 40 % of this whole game … things like this make you just skip games

  5. The space travel is actually a step-down from the original Starflight. This more replicates Skyfox II: The Cygnus Conflict (1987).

  6. its cool see this game around… old classics… but really silence is gold… pretty nice effort thougt 🙂

  7. I remember playing this in the past, and liked it a lot. It was kinda easy, but after learning years ago it was an unofficial sequel to Starflight was cool.


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