LGR – Razer Deathstalker Keyboard Review


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This video is an overview and demonstration of the Razer Deathstalker PC gaming keyboard. I’ve always been a mechanical keyboard kinda dude, but I figured it was time to take a look at one of these chiclet-style alternatives!

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  1. Very disappointed with customer support and how they handled
    my case. Spend $140 for keyboard and lasted only 18 months, and that's because
    of the latest software upgrade from RAZER. I still have 3 months of warranty
    left, but they won't honor it since i bought it from Amazon third party. It
    shouldn't matter who I purchase it from as long as its new. Very unfair and I
    Am replacing all my RAZER gear with Logitech. I will NEVER recommend RAZER to
    my gaming community. Imagine if you purchased a $3K laptop from them and they
    treat you like this> I have a case number if anyone wants to read several
    days of emails.

  2. I have the Ultimate version of this keyboard. The Ultimate version has a touchscreen. It's from 2012 and it sucks. The gestures don't work half the time. There's almost no software for the dynamic buttons. I switched to a Cooler Master Devastator II keyboard/mouse combo

  3. I have that keyboard, and it performs fairly well for what it is. I would rather a mechanical model, but at the time this was all I could afford that had backlight. It's served me well thus far.

  4. why would you spend $80 on a chicklet keyboard, you can find them, in fact you can find better keyboards at Goodwill for under $5 for gods sake

  5. If youtube gave me $100, first I'd go "your a multi-million dollar company and all you can spare is $100, and secondly I'd take the money and run, what can they do?

  6. As much hate as this keyboard gets, I absolutely love this keyboard, been using it for years, had to get a backup one for replacement keys off letgo lmao. Long live the Deathstalker!

  7. I hate that this is the only option for gaming chiclet keyboard. I know it sounds weird putting gaming and chiclet in the same sentence but no matter what, chiclet is very quiet; gaming at night will never be a problem. I've used mine heavily all the way from the day it appeared at my local store, unfortunately, the left ctrl key starts to break. Right now, the best chiclet keyboard I can find is logitech mx keyboard but damn it, I want rgb.

  8. I realize this video is super old but, chiclet keyboards rock. Don't give up on them. Try the new logitech craft keyboard. It has excellent build quality.


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