Local Multiplayer VR Games – The Best Asymmetrical VR Games


Hello everyone and welcome back. I thought it was the perfect time to review some Local Multiplayer VR Games and check out the the best Asymmetrical VR Games that you can play at home with your family. These titles are also great for VR house Parties.

Reiko’s Fragments –
Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! –
Davigo –
Keep talking nobody explodes –
Smush.tv –
Takelings House Party –

Bonus Upcoming Game – Spaceteam VR –




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Geforce RTX 2080ti

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  2. Yo, change your Davigo link to the Patreon. It’s never going to get out of alpha if you’re giving away the game for free; that Drive link only exists because of a Steam issue.

  3. I hadn't heard of half those games and they look great. Love the idea of VR/PC/mobile cross play. Definitely have to try Takelings House Party. Aside from Keep Talking I haven't tried many games in the genre. Good summary!

  4. Did you try Nemesis Perspective? It looks quite fun and it's actually free to play so its worth trying out. Thanks for the video tho, quite a handful of cool party games ^^

  5. Great list! Is this just more recent games? I noticed Mass Exodus wasn't on the list and thats one I've enjoyed with friends for years

  6. Spaceteam VR looks very promising.
    I can personally recommend Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. That game is a blast to play 💥

  7. I've been looking for this exact video Matteo! haha, I'm sure this will help out a lot of people too, I can't wait to check out some of these games as well.

  8. Didnt even know half of these games exist! Thanks for this video! I can finally have my wife, sister and niece join me in vr fun!

  9. Some awesome games there! I really want to try the horror one with family when this virus stuff is over! 😅 looking forward to your live stream sunday man! 🙌


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