Math-GAMES: Checkers Rules – Draughts Rules (German: Dame-Spielregeln)


Checkers or Draughts or Mill is a very old game. This is a German Version of Checkers, not the international Checkers.
– The game is played only on the dark fields of an 8×8 board.
– The stones move forward one field in the diagonal direction.
– There is generally a compulsion to hit, opposing stones have to be jumped over and hit as long as the immediately adjacent field behind is free.
– The hitting stone is moved to this free space and if the target field of a jump leads to a space from which another stone can be jumped, the jump must be continued.
– All skipped stones are removed from the board after the move.
– If a tile reaches the opponent’s baseline, it becomes a “queen” or “king” or “dame”. This is indicated by placing a second stone on it.
– A queen may move forwards or backwards as far as desired and jump over and hit individual opponents’ pieces.
– When jumping over an opposing stone, the lady must touch down on the diagonal field immediately behind. If she can jump over other stones from the new field, she must do so.
– The aim of the game is to deprive the opponent of all possible moves, i.e. to hit or block all opposing stones.

This instructions were made for European Erasmus+ Project Math-GAMES


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  1. Your tutorials how to play checker when observed how you pick up white and black checker, there is no other movement of other checkers except only one checkers being moved all the time. So how one going to learn the way you show. One can easily loose the game by your tutorial


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