Mobile Gaming Tier List : NOV 2019 – (Gacha/Hero Colllectors, MMO's,RPGs)


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1. Evertale :

2. Forged Fantasy :

3. Attack of Titan :

1. Another Eden :

2. Langrisser :

3. Brown Dust

4. Lyn Lightbringer :

5. Aurora Legend:

6. Skylanders :

7. RAID Shadow Legends :

8. Revue Starlight:

9. Overhit:

10. Magia Record:

11.Yokai Spirit Hunt:

12.Mobile Legends Adventure:

13. Valkyrie Anatomina :

14. Witch Weapon:

15: Harbingers :

16: NightZero:

17: Trial Of Fate:

18: Astral Chronicle:

19: Saint Seyia Knight of the Zodiac:

20: Venus 11 :

21: Pokemon Masters:

22. One Punch Road to Hero:

23: Ulala Idle Adventure:

24: Langrisser:

25: Captain Tsubasa ZERO -Miracle Shot :

26: EverAdventure:

27: Mario Kart Tour:

28: Aurora 7 :

29: Final Blade:

20: Last Valiant:

21: Ceres M :

22. Fishisland Fishing Paradise:

23. Attack On Titan Tactics :

24. AFK Arena:

25. Aion Legions of War:

26. Fist of the North Star:

27: Crossing Void:

28: Perfect World:

29: After Eden:

30. World Of Kings:

31: El Chronicle:

32: Elune :

33. Gate Six:

34. Shikigami Myth:

35. Second Galaxy :

36. Soulworker Zero :

37. AFK Cats:

38. Tales Of Wind:

39. Warrior Of Waterdeep:

40. Talion:

41. Dawn of Isles:

42. Durango :

43. Elder Scrolls Blades:

44. Era of Legend:

45. AXE :

46: One Piece Bounty Rush :

47. Rangers of Oblivion:

48. Brown Dust:

49. Digimon Rearise :


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  1. Hey FG, it sounds like you didn't figure out the AFK for Spiritwish. Even if you log out and close the application, it will keep grinding for you. You actually don't need to leave it on "all day on your computer". So it's an idle game that has character/team building and mechanics of a traditional mmo. Considering that you can close the application, which changes the way you can play on the go, it actually makes for a pretty good experience on mobile. Give it another shot.

  2. Another Eden could qualify for S rank tho, the story is actually really well done, every side episode and side quest including for heroes nobody uses are so interesting and well made. I think it's one of the best JRPG's made, I don't like Honkai Impact much, but seeing alot of others do it's pretty up there. I do have to say that, Another Eden's gacha units are getting powercrept more and more so it's maybe a turn off for many. I think if you had put it at S it'd have been fine too, A/S most definitely.

  3. so you named both games "Anther eden" which is the one with the blue dragon looking character that's raising it's head and large ears? LOL; 16:27 "Another Eden"………..16:32 "Anotherrrrrrrr Eden!"

  4. Absolutely awful content, only author knows what he wanted to say or show. Impossible to find any game you see in that fake list but somehow it's not in video.

  5. I didn’t watch the video, but I liked and subbed because you explained that games I didn’t care about wouldn’t be on this list. Mad respect! I’m gonna check out you vids later.

  6. Cool content FG3000 👍🏻 to bad Last Cloudia isnt released yet in europe (ios) love the pixel art.
    What is in your opinion the best/mother of all hero collecting games of all time ? Summoners war?

  7. Hello ! Can someone write down the A list as i can t understand what he says ? ( except afk arena and KOF Allstars ) thank you 🤗

  8. is there a reason that epic seven and fate grand order aren't even on this list? they are two of the most popular mobile games out there

  9. Can anyone recommend
    A game Provide
    ✓Trade system
    ✓Auction system
    ✓PK zone / arena (single /team battle style)
    ✓cave / dungeon (solo / team play)
    ✓world boss (pk zone area)
    ✓items drop on cave and not available on shop(specifically weapons and armors-cuff,kneepad,armguard,boots,ring,necklase,talisman,support weapons)
    Most importantly not Pay To Win (donation system much better)

  10. FG, I know it's a huge ask but could you please do this same thing but for pre 2019? I'd suggest to make a list considering only one genre at a time. ie a hero collector tier list, an idle tier list, a tactical strategy tier list. It's a ton of work, but would be HUGELY helpful to the community. Thx for all you do

  11. There are very few of these games I could get into. Though I will say Pokemon Masters and Last Cloudia have most of my attention.

  12. where is Pokemon Go on this leaderboard?

    Nope? O yea cuz that game is shit, just like Ash who never wins the league and stays 10yrs old

  13. But but but raid shadow legends has a nearly perfect score in the play store. I'm not even going to lie, I play that God forsaken game, I tried to support a YouTuber I liked, and thought it had some cool things. And now I'm invest, not money wise just time wise, could be a great gotcha game if they weren't so stingy with everything. Since they only cater to the whales, it's not bond to last.


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