MODERN Way to get VIPs in 2020 – School of Chaos


SOC Name: Spelvin
COC Name: Spelvin
Instagram: spelvin.soc

This video will teach you how to get VIPs quickly in 2020. Watch now and learn the secrets!
Are you ready?
Here we go.

1). QUICKER Questing
2). Marketing
3). Investing

1. Quicker Questing – Go to infirmary, add yourself. Send a place invitation to yourself in infirmary. Do a quest and once you’re done accept the invitation from yourself. You will be teleported back to infirmary. Saves you time. 700 – 1,000 tags per hour.

2. Marketing – Buy CHEAP items and sell for higher price. Study the market’s price daily. You can also profit from CRAFTING guns and armors as their scraps are cheap.

3). Investing – Create a level 1 account. Buy items from the smuggler (middle guy inside infirmary) Those items cost from 99 VIPs – 499 VIPs. Wait until they are gone in market and sell for 4x – 7x the original price.

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How to be rich in school of chaos. Earn tags and VIPs quick.


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  1. A new modern way has come go to the ATM and click the yellow button and type the code that has been given to you and then it will give you a ad then look in your backpack then you see you have got 15 vips

  2. if you see 20 videos for 7 days or 1 week you get 2,100 vips if you see 20 videos every 31 days for 1 month you get 9k vips so do it and it is much better


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