Monster Hunter World | Gunlance Tutorial


The complete Gunlance tutorial for Monster Hunter World. Everything you want to know, in one place!
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  1. am I crazy or…
    is there a gl move that lets you backhop with firing a shelling?
    I coulda sworn I did that…I was on a slope, maybe thats why?
    there isnt a shelling backhop evade right?

  2. note for myself
    1:35 The Basic

    3:00 Shell Types

    4:26 Melee Movements

    7:30 Shelling

    12:02 Wyvernsfire

    12:47 Downhill

    13:45 Best Combos

    16:16 Armor Skill

  3. after 2 years I finally decided to hop into gunlance, is it true that gunlance shield stronger than CB's charged shield+guard point?

  4. I play gunlance since the psp days, and man, it just has gotten better in MHW. Great video, I Just started playing this and your videos have been very helpful.

  5. But isn't Wyvern fire a charged shot? Long gunlances should be getting the most out of it. Why does he focus on Wide when showing it?

  6. i picked the gunlance for my first 30 hours in MHW and i played almost all of the Story with it. But fighting the Wind-Dragon thing in the crystal place is the limit of it. you cant block wind. you cant catch up to him and you cant hit him while he's in air. that you fought him in the beginning of your vid is pure mockery.

  7. That hop is the the main and (in my opinion) the hardest technical part of this weapon. The defense is what made me grab it.

    Although I just started on it a month ago, I LOVE THE WIDE STYLE

  8. Thanks for the video. Only needed to watch the first 4ish minutes to know the weapon is not for me, but thanks for those regardless. : )

  9. imo they had make a mistake to put here a shield too..
    maybe because i'm new but it looks very similar to the lance esthetically.

  10. Ive been playing iceborn (PC) with my friends and getting used to the changes they made to the gunlance. Ive been calling out to my buds when i hit the monster with the "sticky bomb" hoping to give them some extra damage by setting off my bomb every time they hit it, but after some experimentation only a few moves actually set it off, and I don't know exactly which ones. Aside from my own what moves can my allies do to take advantage of the sticky bomb?

    TLDR: What sets off wyrmstake blast that is NOT shelling.

  11. I'ma new gunlance main. Its awesome. I also play hammer, dual blades, and heavey BG. Gunlance feels really solid!


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