MOST DISGUSTING GAME EVER! Let's play Disorderly:part 1


Welcome to the game that raped my internet virginity… welcome to disorderly… you can try it out yourself over here:
But be warned… it’s not for those weak with the heart.
I have posted a warning at the beginning of the video… please … for the love of all that’s saint… if you are easily disturbed… of if you want to maintain your innocence… don’t watch this video, or play the game. Apart from that… well I sure hope my video won’t get flagged… I would accept an age restriction being imposed if possible, but I can’t do that myself(hence the warning at the beginning). Either way it was a hard game, so like, favorite, and subscribe for part 2.


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  1. I found another zombie game The Last Stand 2
    link: y8 . com / games / the_last_stand_2
    I don´t recomend the last stand 1 because its to easy, just click in the sniper rifle and you will be invulnerable you kill 2 or 3 zombies with one shot


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