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A game based on a movie? What could possibly go wrong. Almost everything in fact. I usually try to be nice but this game has tedious barely existent gameplay and lots of instant deaths with no warnings for picking the wrong choice of several completely arbitrary choices. It’s basically a maze with death at every dead end.

“Overlooked Oldies” is a series of let’s play videos of retro games that I somehow never played back in the day. Many of them will be suggestions made by subscribers.

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  1. Ocean – the publisher of zillions of horrendous games based on movies. (And a few good ones that weren't.)

  2. You have to love a game where going to a place the game doesn't want you to go yet is an instant game over. What the fuck even.

  3. The movie had over an hour of content cut from before release. Much like the movie Dark Horizon, it suffers from Producers and the MPAA stepping in and making extreme cuts. The available Directors Cut is a much better film (and much longer), however it's still missing parts due to lost footage… So I mean they call it the director's cut, but it's more like an extended cut… But still it's a very ambitious movie and isn't bad.

  4. Haha a blast from the past ( WTF do you have to do in this game) thats as far as i got all those years ago ;))

  5. This game is the reason I copied games on the Amiga as a 12 year old. You'd be crazy to fork out money for this shit. One of the absolute worst games ever!

  6. I played this back in the day. Someone gave me a pirate copy…………let's just say thank you for the format disk option.
    The film is interesting but complete nonsense………reminds me of Meatloaf's I'd do anything for love video but less well made.

  7. Suddenly thought I haven't seen a video from Jim for yonks so go and have a look at my subs list only to find you aren't there so have come and hunted you down and resubscribed. Nice to see you still have the same intro that you started with 🙂

  8. NightBreed is a short novella written by Clive Barker which is quite good. Avoid movie unless it's the fairly recent blue ray/directors cut which is more in keeping with director Clive Barker's vision. This game was included in the Amiga screen gems pack and totally sucked. There was another version of night breed game which I don't remember being any better

  9. The movie has recently had a blu ray release in a special edition although a lot of these overlooked horror movies are now 30 years old now.

  10. God, this game was terrible. Got it with my Amiga and it was the first time I honestly thought "All these colours, all this digitized music, all this CPU power and memory (yeah, 1 whole megabyte) and for what?". Luckily I not long after got Deluxe Paint and OCTAMed and got into music and computer art, and the buyer's remorse melted away.

  11. The NB movie is okay, saw it last year, as long as your expectations aren't high you should enjoy it. Not one of his best but better than Deadly Friend, although the basketball scene is worth checking out in that one. 😉

  12. The part where you ended up in a straight jacket creeped me out the most. Had to steel myself everytime it came up. Was there an actual end to the game though??

  13. Haha! I had this… proper fail of a game. Can't remember getting past the graveyard bit and had pretty much same reaction as you…. painful.

  14. the movie is bad too. one of the worst i've ever seen random dialogues and bad actors. didn't even watch it til the end.

  15. It came from the desert and dreamweb links at the end. Two infinitely more enjoyable games to watch
    "Screw you punk, I'm a geologist!"

  16. Poor Clive Barker. His works are always getting twisted into bad movies and awful video games. He just can't seem to catch a break.

  17. Hi Jim,

    I'm an original Amiga fan and wondered what your setup was for emulation – just seen Amiga Forever 2016 has come out and wonder what you thought of it? I'm currently a mac user but going to build a pc run retro games and specifically emulate the amiga – do you have any advice?

    Thanks – love the channel can't wait to see the next installment of eye of the beholder 2 with PacBilly.


  18. I watched the move way back in 91, and shortly after visited London and bought this game.

    Could almost never get pas the Peloquin stage.

    But the game was very creepy, and well captured the movie's eerie atmosphere.
    A Youtber did a playthrogh which shows how difficult this game could get:

  19. 2:35 For some reason I can't stop staring at his nipples 🙁 Speaking of tedious games I used to play Time Machine, which I do think is better game than this, but game mechanics were slow and it took me a while to figure out what to do….I know, another shameless game request, this time much sneakier 🙁

  20. @2:46 Male nipples!
    @6:49 LOL at the insta-death!

    Roadblocks in films never work. I'd love to see someone see a roadblock and have to stop and give themselves up for once.

    As others have pointed out, it was a popular pack-in game. The graphics probably looked quite good for the time, particularly if it was a first experience with a computer game. Overall, it looks pretty terrible.

  21. One of those game I remember seeing an article about in a game magazine back then and there were cool promo pictures from the movie. I'm glad I never got it. It looks so tedious now, let alone when I was kid with limited English skills.

  22. I've seen Nightbreed a bunch of times, I still have it on VHS. It's actually a brilliant movie, written by Clive Barker, the same dude who did the Hellraiser films. The film is a bit like a fantasy-horror version of Fellini's Satyricon. Lot's of cool special effects but not much story. 90% of the film is set in the graveyard with lots of creepy dudes in rubber suits.
    Had no idea there was a game version, very cool to see!!

  23. The movie was alright. The classic xenophobia shtick dressed up with horror and crime elements. Pretty good creature effects and make up.

  24. I played this at about ten years old and it gave me nightmares for years. And I got about exactly as far as you did, but we spent quite a few hours trying to get past that spot. So at least you're a lot better than a bunch of ten year olds who doesn't speak English.

    Come to think of it, most of my childhood games were either mentally scarring, impossible to play, boring as hell or some sort of combination of those things. It did save me from clean living and sports though, so there's that.

  25. The movie is decent for an eighties creature feature, however the plot gets a bit silly about half way through. I still recommend it however.

  26. Wow, this was bad. I remember having a Night Breed game on the C64 actually, it was completely different to this. It was more like a side-scrolling beat em up thing, I don't remember it being amazing but it was far better than this, as it at least resembled some sort of video game that you can play.

  27. What I strange, strange game. I remember there was another arcade type game of Nightbreed but this thing is terrible.

  28. The movie wasn't THAT bad, kinda 80s cheesy. I really liked the book though!
    This game on the other hand is all sorts of horse bollocks…

  29. This game wasn't THAT bad but it wasn't very good either. Just mediorce adventure. If this was Jim's first time playing this, which it looks like, I understand the confusion as, no offence, he doesn't seem to have no clue how to play it. 🙂 Watching the movie helps to understand the plot as the game follows it pretty closely. The last level, which is a maze, was ass. Very hard to navigate.

  30. Ah, Ocean Software, the ultimate licensed game dev. Wow this game is bad. Or a very good example of the "Choose your own adventure and by adventure I mean death" genre.

    Well, at least they ported Chase HQ and published Worms 😛

  31. This game was bundled with the "Screen Gems" Amiga 500 package. I got a bit further than this but things didn't improve much. Back To The Future II was the other game in the bundle – also terrible.


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