Outtrigger playthrough (Dreamcast)


Playthrough of the intermediate training course. Outtriger is a first or third person shooter developed by AM2 and initially released in arcades for the Naomi hardware. A Dreamcast port later followed which had new modes, including an online option…which was cryptically removed from the PAL release. For reasons unknown, most of the Dreamcast games released in Europe had the online modes removed (other games include Daytona 2001).

There is offline multiplayer though for up to four people, and we used to play this a lot. The main problem is the controls -the Dreamcast pad isn’t ideal for first person shooters due to a lack of second thumbstick, and most of the control layouts in the game suck. (D1 is the one we’d all usually use). I did this video using a pad and mouse. I was going to use a keyboard but I couldn’t find it, so the pad had to do.

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  1. Joseph Jenkins racy! I just played it an hour ago and LOVE IT! I adjust the controls to “D1” with forward/backward/strafe left/right mapped to the buttons on the right instead of the awful default, which has you move with the “+” digital while simultaneously using the analogue stick to look around (virtually impossible to use your left thumb to do both), Right trigger to shoot, Left to jump, D-Pad up to change weapons, down to change view (first person or behind character), and analogue to look and turn). It can take some getting used to, but you’ll be glad you did!

    This control scheme also works GREAT for Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament

    Gameplay: levels are tight, designed for arcades, smaller than in some other games, but perfectly designed, amping up the rush. Rock solid 60fps, typical but awesome weapons, and in contrast to most FPS games, it’s bright not gloomy and the colors really pop! You can use a DC mouse/keyboard, but I’d rather eat my own teeth. Graphics are excellent, as it’s a true SEGA-made game that was directly ported from the arcade. They could network several arcade machines together, AND you could play it on your DC at home directly against arcade players in real-time! It automatically matches speed to an even rate to keep it fair, and it does also work with the DC broadband adapter (if you know where I can find one, please reply, as the Dreamcast is still very alive online via fan-servers). Fast, Furious, Frenzied, Outtrigger is still ahead of its time!

  2. Thanks! It's been a long time since I saw this game in action. It seems that 'OVERWATCH' really is a mashup of 'OUTTRIGGER' and 'PHANTASY STAR ONLINE' after all. No wonder I like it!


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