PS1 Let's Re-Play MediEvil 2 – Part 10 (PAL- ENG) The Sewers (Dan In The Dumps)


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Aww, and after playing my favourite level in the whole game, the atmosphere transition’s just like The Freakshow to Greenwich. In to the depressing vibes with The Sewers. As a kid I always hated getting to this level because I loved Whitechapel and always found this level too hard and depressing. Haha. In fact from here onwards the whole game has a different, empty sort of dark vibe about it. In this part Dan drowns his sorrows by hoping to hide from his troubles in The Sewers only to find some Mutant Mullock people who in fact worship us as their God, kinda like their second coming really, they are in need of help to fight against a giant Octomator beast who’s snatched all their women and they’re angered by this cuz no more sexy time like? Haha. Jokes. We are well rewarded, with some money…….just money, for freeing them all. Haha. The Derp ladies that are all a buncha clones. They aint worth it let them die in that Octomator goo. Haha, yeah those damn Octomators from Greenwich ugh, not only that but they’re the maaain enemies in this level. Haha, no actual undeadies in this level, just mutants. Eugh. Haha.

Note on my inactivity:

(I know I named this part “Dan In The Dumps” last time buuuut I liked the title so there ya go. Haha. Sorry for it being so long since my last part, I’ve been really unmotivated as of late on both of my YouTube channels. Round about October last year I just sort of lost interest in many things that I usually enjoyed doing and setting myself too many unachievable goals has really gotten me bogged down and depressed so yeah a lots going on right now in my real life, I do apologize. I am currently undergoing diagnosis for bipolar as well. Gosh I’m a wreck. Haha. Asperger’s, Depression aaaand bipolar. As of late I’ve mostly just been in my own bubble, chilling out to music, watching movies and TV. Just been chilling, slowly getting my mojo back though. xx)



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  1. I just about remember this old-skool number. Brings back memories from my playstation days in the late 90s, early 2000s


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