PS1 Underrated Gem- Board Game: Top Shop


This is a series of gameplay vids I’m doing highlighting overlooked games for the various consoles I own.

At first glance some of you are going to say WTF is this, but bear with me, this game is actually quite addictive. This was another late budget release for the US PS1 (sorry PALwatchers, but no PAL release on this one). It hit the PS1 in the states in December of 2001, and was a part of the generic named games localized by A1 games. Games with such riveting names like Shooter, Racing, Bowling, Boxing, and etc. Actually, most of those games had official names in Japan, but were changed when brought over as budget titles. For Example, this was just called Top Shop.

As the name implies, this is essentially a video game version of a board game. It plays like a more simplified version of Monopoly, and it’s pretty addictive. The game offers a single player story mode (who’s in-depth dialog is shown at the beginning of this vid), and most importantly, multiplayer for up to six players. You can play the multiplayer mode against A.I. opponents, or you can get five friends and go head to head. If your friends and you enjoy playing board games (some people get crazy competitive with such things), or if you’re looking for a good game to play with your kids, Top Shop works best with friends. By yourself it is still insanely addictive, but will eventually get old. It’s a game who’s enjoyment factor amps way up if you have a few extra people to play against.

NOTE: The developer of Top Shop (Kid) is also responsible for G.I. Joe on the NES which is one of my favorite NES games of all time.


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  1. Wow! I remember buying this game at the bargain bin at Walmart and it was so additive! I lost it when I moved to college, and totally forgot about it! Thanks for brining back my memories!

  2. I secretly hated how much I loved this game. Logically I told myself I should hate it but I couldn't stop playing LMAO

  3. This game was totally underrated. The graphics make it seem like a sheesy kids game, but its a pretty cool business/market simulator.
    IT's a very addictive game

  4. OMG!!! I love this game!!!! i used to play this feverishly for hours on end and the soundtrack was brilliant. Definitely a PS1 hidden gem.

  5. finally i found it! forgot the name of it and have been finding it for long time. i love this game and it was truely addictive!
    anyway i can play it again ?

  6. I'm looking for any games like this on steam and i can't find ANYTHING even remotely as good as this game. Anyone have any suggestions? I have Orange juice, not nearly as good.

  7. Ahhhh…. This game was literally all i played when i was younger.

    It's really addictive, i might even get an emulator and play this again. 😛

    Top Shop <3

  8. I LOVE THIS GAME!! Was so sad when I lost it in a move. Seriously want to play it again. Brings back so many fond summer memories. I just wrote a review about this too and linked your video. Thanks for the highlights!

  9. I was playing this literally half an hour ago- I refer to it as 'Monopoly no Kawaii' personally, but that's just me and my ignorance-humor.

  10. Ah the good ole days. I remember picking this up from a bargain bin along side with final fantasy tactics. The best $15 I spent at that time. My friend and I would play this game during the summer to see who was going to buy our Dinner (Pizza) lol.

  11. memories! T_T i used to paly it when i was 9 or 8 idk!!! i wish if this was also in psp!!! T___T because i want to play it again

  12. Best $10 I ever spent on a PS1 game. XD <3 Top Shop. Yes, its peppered with Engrish, but all the same I feel it adds to the game's unique charm. Someone should make an online multiplayer version of this game.

  13. wasn't there like a rip-off of this game…I remember watching my cousin play it and there was an auto parts…idk…

  14. Still a fun game to this day. My friends hated it first hour 3 I had to force them off the ps2…its a crack like fun game


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