Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard Review | Disappointing


The Razer Deathstalker Expert Gaming Keyboard is a solid keyboard. Its chiclet-style keys provide a great typing experience but an uncomfortable palm rest and relatively high price of £70/$80 means I struggle to recommend it.

While the anti-ghosting technology means it can be used as a Gaming keyboard, as the name implies, the chiclet keys aren’t ideally suited for it.

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  1. been using for almost 4+ years…still works like a champ, he is wrong, this is a workhorse keyboard, iv used this so much that the spacebar and ctrl keys are now white cause the black plastic scrubbed off and it still works 100%

  2. Addressing all the haters: this keyboard (at the time) cost the same much as other keyboards that had undeniably better quality and were more suitable for gaming. I am a huge fan of razer and have an all razer setup, but I see how their earlier products were pretty bad

  3. using it since 2012 and still feels much better than mechanical keyboards. i love the short travel distance and feel of the bottoming the key. hate that huge travel distance and short actuation on mechas that actuates much earlier than i wanted and allows mistakes specially in games like cs go. sad that companies not making gaming keyboards with chiclet keys these days

  4. I have been using this keyboard for more than 4 years now. Personally i like the laptop style keys, thats the main reason why i bought it. a few downsides however: as the review explained, it does collect a lot of dust and grease and it's a nightmare to clean. Keys aren't as responsive as you'd hope. There are no media keys, and the spacebar feels… meh. After more than 4 years of extensive use, I managed to break the support underneath the spacebar, thus not allowing the spacebar to come back up. Also at one time, my cat bumped over a glass of water which completely destroyed my F1-F4 keys. Now after 13 years of pc gaming, i'm thinking of switching to a mechanical keyboard, probably the Corsair K68.

  5. I used this since 2014/15 and still using it now. Its a fine keyboard with a very comfortable wrist-rest for extra extra long playing.

  6. I have deaths talker and i also have the same problem playing fortnite thats why i put vaseline on my hand and wash my hand til it gets smooth. I need new keyboard ;( the keyboard somehow gets dirty really fast and my fingers and palm get pretty sweat and hard to press on buttons

  7. My keys won't press down when I'm pressing them on the side of the keycap. I don't know if anyone else has this problem or if my keyboard is faulty. Absolute shit keyboard.

  8. I'm beginning to think people who slander anything but mechanical keyboards, also like hearing themselves talk. I couldn't even imagine enjoying listening to thousands of clicks while typing. As far as response time goes, you're an idiot if you think laptop keyboards are not the fastest fucking things on this earth. It's literally in the design, less travel time means less time spent activating a switch.

  9. i bought this keyboard 3 years ago for 70 dollars and its trash. Dont make the same mistake i made. You can get a solid mechanical keyboard for less than that. Or a better built membrane.

  10. I’ve had this thing for over 4 years and not a single problem. Love the light effect and how quiet it is for recording. 10/10 product.

  11. Honestly, once you tasted the chicklet keyboards, you never want anything else… I want one backlit, but I dunno about buying this one, the way it bends in the middle is very odd. also, is this wireless?

  12. if you like quiet keyboards its great i mean some people just dont want loud clicky blue switches( I LIKE THEM THOUGH). Why would you spend up to 80 dollars on a keyboard that bothers you? i mean yeah you can get used to it but not everyone is a competitive freak that needs the extra 1 ms response time or something and why are people saying its loud? its really quiet actually… maybe most of you havent even touch a mechanical keyboard but idk

  13. i'd compare the razer deathstalker to be closer to a Asus g windows7/windows 8 (g55,g74,g75) Gaming Laptop keyboard


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