[ROBLOX: ObliviousHD Roleplay World] – Lets Play/Review – The Ultimate Roleplay Game!


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  1. Hello. Yet again another great youtuber who uploads, the gears are removed now. Rip gears 2017-2018. And also don't listen to these liars. I scrolled through the comments and most of them said this was a free model but it's not. The only free model is the village maps. And there's a new skin called Noob 2. The free model is just the village. Not the whole game. If it was a free model then there would be proof that it's a free model because this game isn't the game you start with, nor a free model. Dab on them haters. And also roblox just built the village map. Not the whole entire game. If he did there would be proof he built those because then the models would be in ROBLOX's inventory and then he would say proof that he built the maps, usually ROBLOX owns all the free models but these aren't free models so roblox didn't build the maps. ObliviousHD did. Not ROBLOX. So ignore the haters and don't listen to those fake liars who keep saying that the game is a free model. It's not so yeah.

  2. I don't know why but it says like every time I try to go on this game it says that the game like doesn't like there's no game like that


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