Sacriel Stream Highlights (Ocean Fear Edition)


I have a fear of deep oceans and predatory fish so this is a very stressful (but fun) game to play. I hope to finish it this week!
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  1. Sacriel: "Hmm; it would be really cool if this game had randomly occurring spectacles"

    Sea Emperor: "So; I heard you was talkin' shit…"

  2. He’s sayin “fuck this place” in the shallows….I can only imagine what his reaction to the rest of the map will be

  3. I wish I could find more videos of people freaking out underwater because I thought I was the only one 😂 I think it literally started with me going underwater in Halo lmao

  4. I have a fear of deep water, and large expanses of nothing. I forget what its called.

    I cant watch "The Abyss" or 'Interstellar'

  5. see, im a sailor. im not scared of the ocean, what scares me is the amount of shit in it that thinks you taste good and how much better it is at living there than you are

  6. Sacriel, unsure if youll see this, if you hold a peeper in your hand and have a reaper leviathan attack you. it will play the death animation and black screen but youll still be alive and the reaper will leave you for like 20-45 seconds.

  7. I personally have a bit of Thalassophobia and Megalophobia so yeah, this game is pretty much a horror game for me at times.

    (Mainly fear of huge open water and huge objects in the ocean – or often have recurring nightmares of huge tidalwaves coming from the horizon or huge objects suddenly in the sky, like a HUGE planet in the horizon or something. This game pretty much taps into all of it. Couldn't ever imagine playing this in VR….)


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