SCP Containment Breach UNITY REMAKE


SCP Containment Breach is being COMPLETELY REMADE in the Unity engine for bigger and better scares than ever before!
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  1. Cameras weren’t allowed in that room because it’s a decontamination room and cameras don’t stand A chance when it gets wet

  2. You know hes encountered 173 way too often when he barely gets scared, and that hes barely encountered 650 when he gets the shit scared out of him

  3. Markiplier: In a dark room, with a dead person behind him, opening a door into a facility filled with monsters that will stop at nothing to harm you.
    0h N1cE H@nD¡

  4. SCP 650 is now officially my favorite scp because the idea it just likes scaring people makes me laugh my ass off. I just like to think it has a sense of humor.

  5. You should blink when the screen goes dark. I tried it. Not in the game but the video. I watch videos of games I don't want to play, unless they're walkthroughs in which case I play the game beforehand.

  6. Larry and Lawrence from bendy look similar, they both called lawrence.

    Do you see something here? like bendy got inspired by scp 106

  7. Bro imagine that your just trick or treating with your friends a bowl says take 2 please and you take 3 and you lose your hands

  8. SCP – Containment Breach is an SCP, it drives you to insanity with paranoia, and yet you have to complete it.


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