Shut the Box Traditional Pub Game | How to Play (Rules)


A quick video explaining how to play Shut the Box, a traditional pub dice game. There are some variants but this is how we play at home and it seems to be the most common method.

If playing English pub rules then you’d typically set a wager at the start of the game, all players would put in their money and the winner would take the pot. I have read that some people play a rule where if a player ‘shuts the box’ then the other players must pay double the original wager to the winning player – I prefer to keep it simple though.

The game also goes by a few other names including Canoga, Klackers, Zoltan Box, Batten Down the Hatches, Jackpot or High Rollers


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  1. That was the best vid so far, but I have questions:
    Is the number 1 tile SO easy to turn that it can wait till near last (per each turn)?
    Can multiplying ever be used?
    Can i turn over 4 tiles in one throw (of ten), if they’re available?
    If I throw a 2 & a 4, but only the 4 is unturned, can I turn it?
    Is there a game of: “ONLY the number on the die OR the sum” with no other choices?
    I want to teach m6 granddaughter, bu5 I want to have the for certain rules “right” first.

  2. I’m not sure about one thing. If for example, you roll a ten, do you KEEP flipping down ALL combinations that equal 10 or you can only have ONE turn ?

  3. Like the man says there are differing rules, so if you ever play in a pub where you are a stranger make sure the local rules are explained in detail or you could end up buying a lot of beer – and not for yourself!


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