SKT vs ROX – Game 1 Semi Finals Worlds 2016 | LoL S6 World Championship SK Telecom T1 vs Rox Tigers


Rox Tigers vs SK Telecom T1 Game 1 Semi Final Lol esports S6 Worlds. ROX vs SKT G1 at S6 Worlds 2016. SK Telecom T1 vs Rox Tigers Gaming Game 1 2016 Worlds VOD 1080p
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League of Legends Season 6 World Championship 2016 International Tournament. S6 Worlds Semi Finals!
First match of the day – Rox Tigers Gaming vs SK Telecom T1 – Semi Finals best of 5 Game 1.

Rox Tigers Line-up:
Smeb – top Poppy
Peanut – jungle Elise
Kuro – mid Viktor
PraY – ADC Caitlyn
GorillA – support Karma

SK Telecom T1 Line-up:
Duke – Top Trundle
Bengi – Jungle Olaf
Faker – Mid Orianna
Bang – AD Ashe
Wolf – Support Zyra

Patch: 6.18 – season 6
Game date: 21.10.2016 | 10/21/2016 | October 21st 2016
Game place: Ney York, MSG
Casters: Krepo, Jatt and Phreak

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  1. Remember smeb being #1? Yeah right. Faker is still the face of the league/game so i think faker deserves 1 that year

  2. This is the first ever game that I watched from LOL. This is also the same game that made me want to try and play lol 😄 its 2019 and im still watching this from time to time..

  3. This is the reason why you dont have to put blank as the jungler because skt will not win without a smart jungler

  4. Omg I watched these games live and it hurt SOOOOOOOOOOOO much to watch Rox lose. They had it in the bad but for some retarded reason Pen didn't take Lee Sin near the end when he was open, why?!


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