Spectrobes: Origins – Wii Gameplay 4k 2160p (DOLPHIN)


Spectrobes: Origins – Wii Gameplay 4k 2160p (DOLPHIN)

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Spectrobes: Origins (化石超進化 スペクトロブス:オリジンズ Kaseki Chōshinka Supekutorobusu: Orijinzu, Fossil Super-Evolution Spectrobes: Origins) is an Action RPG video game developed by Genki and published by Disney Interactive Studios and is the third and apparent final entry in the Spectrobes series. It is the first Spectrobes game in the series to be developed by Genki or to be exclusive for the Wii. The game was released in the US on August 18, 2009 following the European release on September 18, 2009 and an Australian release on October 4, 2009. The Japanese version was released on June 17, 2010.

Gameplay taken from Gamecube/Wii emulator called DOLPHIN

– recording sw Nvidia Share.
– some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

PC specs:
CPU – Intel Core i7 8700K @ 5.0 Ghz
RAM – G.SKILL 32GB DDR4 3600MHz CL16
GPU – GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming 8GB
OS – Windows 10 64bit

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  1. 00:29 when i click on yes the game says something like: "you won't be able to save the game. Start anyway?" And when i click on yes, it asks me again if I want to create a save file for this game. And then it repeats for so long until I close the game. Does anyone has a tip for me? Making a virtual SD card didn't worked for me. 😩

  2. Ha I still have this mostly because I loved spectrobes as a kid. Plus I do not plan to sell the game that took me three years to beat

  3. Pls pls help me i have this emulator and the game but i cant do this swing thing to let my spectrobes attack or to call them back now i stuck in the tutorial. Idk what options i need on my controller to do that i hope u can help me

  4. This is the first anime game I have ever played. I got it as one of the first wii games and to this day I have not played another anime game and I have not even watched an anime show


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