Spectrobes Stream Playthrough with Chaos part 1: Spectrobes Master


With the Prizmod we shall proceed to save the galaxy.

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Spectrobes (化石超進化スペクトロブス Kaseki Chōshinka Supekutorobusu, Fossil Super-Evolution Spectrobes), is a science fiction video game that was developed by Jupiter and published by Disney Interactive Studios for the Nintendo DS. Disney Interactive Studios has stated that Spectrobes is its first original intellectual property; that is, a game not based on any film or TV program from its parent company.

The game was considered a commercial success and Disney Interactive Studios announced that more than 700,000 copies of the game had shipped worldwide in the first month and it was the best-selling third-party (not published by Nintendo, Microsoft, or Sony) game for March 2007, ranking #7 over all that month.

The game was re-released in November 2007 as part of a special Spectrobes: Collector’s Edition bundle, which included the game itself, all thirty-eight input code cards plus two exclusive Geo input cards, and a mini-guide.

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  1. The memory of this game hit me like a truck and I HAD to find it; the only problem was I couldn't remember the name of it. I have spent the last few hours searching through many websites to find this, and here we are now. Chaos, thank you for playing this, because I don't think I could live through a video that was ten years or older; you have saved my sanity.

  2. Oh boy I remember the Krawl scared the hell out of me when I first played this game at 10 yrs old. Nostalgia attack ;(

  3. I was 8 and it was my first DS game that my mum bought as a game bundle for my DS Lite. She didn't know what it was and neither did I but boi its a goody of a DS game as Nintendo let a fuckton of crappy DS games through the net.

  4. This game came out when I was 9. I remember preordering it and getting the cool special stylus and everything with it. For some reason after I beat it I lost the ds chip for it. I loved this game.

  5. I never am able to watch your streams so I'm really happy you upload your streams 🙂 I hope you'll play the Beyond portals and Origins game!

  6. Man, this brings me back. I Think Disney released this game to try and compete with Pokemon? It couldn't, but it doens't change the fact that it had its special touch on being awesome. Can't wait to watch this fully!

  7. Fossil Fighter has a very similar fossil system to this but it's dinosaurs instead very stylized dinosaurs. The second game Champions was the best the first wasn't bad but it was very difficult and the third game was absolutely terrible.

  8. There is Digimon Story: Lost Evolution for DS, that plays like Digimon World Dusk and Dawn, but also has the similar minigame to the fossils in here and Pokemon, I think you'd like it~
    It was never released outside of Japan, though, and I'm not sure if there is a translation…T_T

  9. It's a shame this series didn't age well. There were only like three games in the series. Beyond The Portals was released literally a year after this and then there's Origins in 2009 and there hasn't been a new one since


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