SSA046 – 4-IN-1 WordSmithery Game (Expansion Pack 2.0)


4-IN-1 WordSmithery Game (Expansion Pack 2.0) is the extended version with more words – more fun! Now there are more word tiles, enhanced layout, and greater flexibility to all players. The goal of the game is very simple – you need to get as many compound words as possible. This game challenges their literary skills and tests their reflexes. There are lots of strategies to be explored. The longer and the rarer the words the more points are awarded. A wordsmith races to create as many combined words as possible. Each player takes on the role of a wordsmith, who is trying to complete two words become one before their opponents! It is a unique magnetic board game with lots of upgrades. There is no similar product available in the market and its’ magnetic feature contribute to the novelty of this product. The layout of this product has been modified to ensure it is portable than the previous product and more words added to each category. Nowadays, students find that it is difficult to expand their English vocabulary and remember parts of speech effectively. Ultimately, WordSmithery Game (Expansion Pack 2.0) is a board game that everyone needs to learn about English vocabulary and remember four different parts of speech namely noun, adjective, verb, and preposition. It is a word game where players use two different words if combined create a new meaningful word. Add in a few premium tiles and let the fun begin! With a rule set that incorporates social play, trading, careful management of elements, and a little luck, this compound words game is endlessly entertaining and educational. This brain-teasing board game is designed for ages 10+. Significantly, this product has been invited to exhibit in the Sarawak English Language Expo Symposium 2017 thus, contributes to its commercialization potential.


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